The Super Dreams Adventures of Chicken Little was a 2015 American CGI animated Crossover film released on October/2/2015 and it was Loosely based on fable with it same name and it was Directed by Mark Dindal and Stephen J Anderson and Produced By Randy Fullmer and Dorothy Mckim and Produced By Walt Disney Animation studios and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and it reserves Negative Reviews from critics and Grossed at $150 million and Grossed at 314.4 million at the Box office and it was a Box office Success.



  • Zach Braff as Chicken Little
  • Joan Cusack as Abby
  • Steve Zahn as Runt the Litter
  • Dan Molina as Fish out of water
  • Bret Iwan as Mickey mouse
  • Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck
  • Bill Farmer as Goofy
  • Katherine Von Till as Snow white
  • Jennifer Hale as Cinderella
  • Mae Whitman as Tinkerbell (Speaking)
  • Paige O 'Hara as Belle
  • Scott Weinger as Aladdin
  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Tim Allen as Buzzlightyear
  • Dave Foley as Flik
  • John Goodman as James P. Sullivan
  • Billy Crystal as Mike
  • Owen Wilson as Lighting McQueen
  • Larry the cable guy as Mater
  • Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry as Lewis Robinson
  • Wesley Singerman as Wilbur Robinson
  • Ty Burrell as Mr. Peabody
  • Max Charles as Sherman Peabody
  • Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson
  • Amy Poehler as Joy
  • Phyllis Smith as Sadness
  • Lewis Black as Anger
  • Mindy Kaling as Disgust
  • Bill Hader as Fear
  • Kaitlyn Dias as Riley Anderson
  • Tara Strong as Leslie Andrews
  • Adam West as Hollywood Chicken little


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The DVD and Blu-Ray will Release on March/22/2016.




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