Warning since this defines the tropes of the Starborne Spoliers are in this Article. Read at your own risk.

The Starborne is a all new animated series


Powers in the First Episode:the first Episode is all about Jayden discovering his powers

Thematic Theme Tune

Alternative Foreign Theme Song:The Japanese Dub does this changing the Theme Song to a Expository Theme Instead. The Italian Dub also changes the theme song to a Expository Theme Tune Rap

Breaking the Fourth Wall:This appears to be one of Jayden's Superpowers. He constantly explains stuff to the audience. He is also Medium Aware

"Do It Yourself" Theme Tune:Done in Universe in Episode 6 they make a rock cover of the Theme Song.

Dub Name Change:Pretty Much every dub of the Series does this. But the Italian and Chinese Dubs Avert this.

Big Bad:Lord Shadowmor

Chosen People:The Starborne team are all chosen from birth.

The Public Domain Channel:Parodied when Jayden and Audrey stumble upon the "Old Movie Channel"

Make me Wanna Shout:This is a one of Audrey's Superpowers and the first one she manifests

Five Man Band

The Leader:Jayden

The Lancer:Alex

The Smart Guy:Cameron

The Big Guy:Elliot

The Heart:Audrey who is also the Chick

Official Couple:Jayden and Audrey

Getting Crap Past the Radar:Happens a lot!

Fandom Rivalry:The Fandom hates Super Teens Unite! due to both being about a 5 man band and both have Blonds as Leaders

Mind over Matter:This is one of Jayden's Superpowers and one of the first he manifests

The 80's:The Starborne is set in the 80's.

Kid Hero:The Starborne are all 12 years old

Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World:Played Straight It is however Lampshaded by Jayden

Jayden:Come on! Why is saving the world easier than handling crushes!

This is Reality:Happens whenever Jayden breaks the Fourth Wall

Guile Hero:Jayden sometimes falls into this trope. Whenever, he isn't able to use his Mind Over Matter against a villain. Jayden is capable of tricking the bad guys while getting his friends out of whatever trouble they got in



Based off a Dream:This is exactly how TheSailorMoonFan got this Idea In the first place.


Jayden And Audrey have kids in the Sequel.

They would become the next generation of Starborne. They would be twins. And Lord Shadowmor would return

mostly confirmed But their kids are not twins.

There would be a Crossover with Sailor Moon

It would have the Starborne end up in 1998 due to a Mishap With Cameron’s Time Machine. They met the Sailor Senshi and help then stop a New Threat before coming back to their time.

The Show is All a Dream

Jayden would wake up after the Final Battle and look out his window and see dark clouds in the sky


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