Coolot1’s version of the third season of The Spectacular Spider-Man is an alternate TV series story-line for the season.


It is senior year as Peter is now dating Gwen Stacy with no major villains to deal with. That was until two mysterious new villains surface, a woman with control over everyone who is superhuman and a strange mutant creature called Jackal. Spider-Man begins to learn true team work when comes across new heroes who join his ordeals, including one who helped expose Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin,

Outcomes of Alternate Season 2 final episode

The season starts with an alternate ending plot for Season 2.

  • Peter Parker and Liz Allan are unable to continue their romance, but they still remain friends.
  • Norman Osborn is exposed as the Green Goblin by Spider-Man with help from a mysterious new hero, and then arrested.
  • By the end of the episode, Gwen is shown surprisingly lighting fire in a few candles with a snap of her fingers, revealing she earned superpowers.

Returning Characters




New Characters


Guest Heroes


  • Emily Osborn/Spider Queen (voiced by TBD) - Norman Osborn's wife who mutates herself into a superhuman capable of controlling other superhumans and TBD.


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