All forms of life and planets in the show of the same name.


  • Earth - Triston and Alexis' birthplace where they grew up until Triston was chosen to protect the galaxy by the Leader with Alexis eventually joining him later on.
  • Iophus - a jungle planet which is the home planet of the Grauraill and Vonki.
  • Gochenov - a swamp planet which is the home planet of the Duneads.
  • Eiwei - a desert planet which is the home planet of the Issa.
  • Orciv - a forest planet which is the home planet of Trizids.
  • Quatica - TBD
  • Valfgar - TBD

Organic life

Earth life

  • Humans - Triston, Alexis and possibly the Leader's species who are the most prominent and most civilized species on Earth.

Alien life

  • Grauraill - a blue skinned human-like alien species and Morisma's species who are most commonly found on Iophus, being known for their use in slavery, with males doing usually manual work and females in more personal forms of it.
  • Duneads - a golem-like alien species who is known for being extremely strong and for using brutal forms of combat, populating the planet Gochenov.
  • Issa - a cat-like alien species who is known for their cute appearance and are extremely peaceful and inhabit the planet Eiwei.
  • Vonki - a red-skinned human-like alien species who are slavers, primarily enslaving Gruaraill and either selling them to other planets or keeping them for themselves, while also being hunters, inhabiting Iophus.
  • Trizids - a bear-like alien species who are usually shown being muscle for numerous jobs and are just brutally strong, being found in Orciv.
  • Gillimons - TBD
  • Valfgarians​​​​​​​ - TBD

Non-organic life

  • Androids - a human-like robot species who are common across the entire galaxy.
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