All characters and events in this show—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated.....poorly. The following program contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.
~ Warning at the start of every episode.
This show is unrelated to The Simpsons, and had nothing to do with it. Any relation to persons is unintentional, living or dead, is completely coincidental.
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The Simons
Genre: Animation
Created by: Mike Sullivan
Starring: Dan Castellaneta
Miranda Richardson
Mike Sullivan (1999-2003)
John DiMaggio (2004-17)
Maurice LaMarche
Theme music composer: Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
No. of seasons: 11
No. of episodes: 246 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s): Mike Sullivan
Jerry Bruckheimer (both; entire run)
Patrick Johnson
David Zuckerman (both; 1999-2001)
Daniel Palladino (2001-02)
Chris Sheridan (2004-14)
Josh Weinstein (2004-15)
David A. Goodman (2005-11)
Mark Hentemann (2009-15)
Steve Callaghan (2009-17)
Richard Appel (2013-17)
Producer(s): Laura Miller
Kara Vallow
Running time: 21-23 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s): Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Bad Idea Entertainment (1999-2001)
Regency Television (1999-2002)
Skullivan Ink (2000-13)
Heinz 58 Productions (2013-17)
Warner Bros. Television
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channel: Fox
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run: Original run:
September 13, 1999 - May 25, 2003
Revived series:
September 11, 2004 - June 2017
Related shows: The Duck Bros.

The Simons is a American animated TV series created by Mike Sullivan, aired since September 13, 1999 on Fox. The series center on a dysfunctional family that consists of Craig, Dave, Mags, Stanley and Maurice, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television. It is a spin-off of The Duck Brothers.

Despite mixed reviews upon its debut, critics were notably more positive towards the second season, as the praise began declining during subsequent seasons.

The series was originally cancelled in May 21, 2017, but was renewed for a twelfth and thirteenth seasons in January 2018.


Main characters

Character Performer Mexican Performer
Craig Simon Dan Castellaneta Yamil Atala (2000-03)
Mario Arvizu (2004-11)
Mario Filio (2013-17)
Dave Simon Herman López
Courtney Griffin Carolyn Lawrence Liliana Barba (2000-02)
Marina Huerta (2002-17)
Mary Simon Jill Talley Marina Huerta (2000-01, 2004-17)
Patricia Palestino (2001-03)
Margareth "Mags" Simon Miranda Richardson Liza Willert(2000-08)
Marina Huerta (2008-16)
Karina Altamirano (2013-17)
Stanley Simon Mike Sullivan (1999-2003)
John DiMaggio (2004-17)
Armando Volcanes (2000-06)
Alejandro Mayén (2007-16)
Óscar Gómez (2016-17)
Bob Gribble Maurice LaMarche Ricardo Tejedo
Jorge Arvizu(2003, 05-10)

Recurring characters

Character Performer Mexican Performer
Townshend Sheridan Maurice LaMarche Carlos Segundo (2000-09)
Arturo Mercado Jr. (2010-17)
Shawn Bernstein Tom Kane Jesus Barrero(2000-14)
Óscar Flores (2014-17)
Bruce Sherman Rob Paulsen Arturo Mercado
Renzo Jiménez ("Ka-Blam!")
Steven Thompson Mike Sullivan Francisco Colmenero
Maurice LaMarche
Leonard Mike Sullivan Mario Castañeda
Tom Kenny
Anderson Ralph Garman Octavio Rojas (2000)
Rubén Moya (2000-04)
Alejandro Mayén (2005-06)
Sebastián Llapur (2007-11)
Mauricio Pérez (2014-16)
Diego Butch Hartman Jorge Roldán (2000)
Ralph Garman Herman López (2000-02)
Alejandro Mayén (2005-06)
Gerardo Vásquez (2003)
Sebastián Llapur (2006-08)
Arturo Mercado (2008-11)
Raul Anáya (2013-17)
Tailson Herman López (2000-02, 03-04)
Arturo Mercado (2005-06)
Jesse Conde (2006)
Sebastián Llapur (2007-10)
Ricardo Tejedo (2002-03, 11-17)
Edson Arturo Mercado (2000-01)
Gabriel Pingarrón (2001-11)
Mauricio Pérez (2014-17)
Diogo Tito Reséndiz (2001)
Humberto Veléz (2001-03)
Gabriel Pingarrón (2003-04, 15)
Sebastián Llapur (2004-16)
Mauricio Pérez (2016-17)
Lucas Jan Rabson Victor Trujillo ("Airport' 01")
Gabriel Pingarrón (2001-09)
Chris Cox
Sebastián Llapur (2004-15)
Gerardo Vásquez (2003)
Mauricio Pérez (2008-17)
Mike Barker Tito Reséndiz ("The Danger Next Door")
Mark Hentemann

("The Regular Samaritan")

Gabriel Pingarrón
Davi Chris Cox Eduardo Garza (2000-01)
Tito Reséndiz (2001-02)
Óscar Flores (2002-06)
Rubén Moya (2006-08)
Arturo Mercado (2008-11)
Mauricio Pérez (2013-17)
Antonio Butch Hartman Claudia Motta (2001)
Mike Barker
Chris Cox Yensi Rivero (2000-01)
Mariana Ortiz ("Crazy Day")
Gabriel Pingarrón (2001-06)
Alejandro Mayén (2006-07)
Raymundo Armijo (2008-17)
Bob Bergen
Chris Cox
Carlos Iñigo (2004)
Cam Clarke Fernando Mendoza ("Dealer's Choice")
Gus Jan Rabson Yensi Rivero ("Stanley Be Not Proud")
Chris Cox Eduardo Garza ("Stressed for Sucess")
Carlos Iñigo ("I Take Thee Peterson")
Edson Matus (2006-17)
Joe Jack Angel ("Stanley Be Not Proud") Claudia Motta (2000-01)
Ralph Garman
Moisés Iván Mora (2001-17)
Eduardo Garza ("The Squirt and the Whale")
Mariana Michael Sullivan Patricia Palestino
Clayton Chris Cox Fernando Mendoza (2000-01)
Ernesto Lezama (2004-17)
John Jan Rabson (2001) Gabriel Pingarrón (2001)
Mark Hentemann (2003) Eduardo Garza (2003)
Benjamin Diskin (2004-05) Victor Trujillo (2004-05)
Townsend Coleman (2006-07) Alfredo Gabriel Basurto (2006-17)
Chris Cox (2007-17)
Raphael Chris Cox Luis Daniel Ramirez (2000-01)
Rubén Trujillo (2001-17)
Irwin Daayán ("Child's Play")
Alan Prieto ("And the Wiener Is...")
Philip Guntzelman Maurice LaMarche Javier Rivero (2000)
Ernesto Lezama (2001-17)
Juan Victor Wally Wingert (early episodes) Fernando Mendoza (2000)
Chris Cox
Fernando Mendoza (2001-05)
Irwin Daayán (2006-17)
Gabrielly Jennifer Tilly ("The Playwright") Patricia Palestino
Tara Strong
Lori Alan (2002-17) Patricia Palestino
Jessica Ortiz (2003-04)
Fernando Yan Ralph Garman Claudia Motta ("The Bluegrass is Always Greener")
Patricia Palestino (2001-02, 2003-05)
Arturo Mercado (2001-07)
Marina Huerta ("Roots")
Alejandro Mayén (2007-17)
Fernando Yure Maurice LaMarche José Luis Orozco (2000-05)
Alejandro Mayén (2006-17)
Arturo Mercado (2001-08)
Parking Guard Kelsey Grammer Gabriel Pingarrón
Serge Chris Edgerly Irwin Daayán
Matt Steve Buscemi Alan Prieto ("Dealer's Choice")
Chris Edgerly Luis Miguel Pérez ("Maurice Goes Hollywood")
Fernando Mendoza ("Le Petit Stanley")
History Teacher Jan Rabson Gabriel Pingarrón ("Stanley Gets Busted")
Octavio Rojas ("Bob 3000")
Alejandro Mayén (2006-17)
Former Math Teacher Toby Huss José Maynardo Zavala ("Angel in Disguise")
Gabriel Pingarrón

("Take My Life, Please", "Stanley Be Not Proud" and "The Regular Samaritan")

Vivian (Art Teacher) Miranda Richardson Patricia Palestino
Math Teacher (Christiane) Maria Bamford Erica Edwards
Inspector Susan Krebs Magda Giner
Maria Bamford
Obese Inspector Miranda Richardson Fernanda Tapia
Teacher #3 Rebeca Patiño
Patricia Liza Willert
Dalma Maria Bamford Rebeca Patiño
Diego, Gym Teacher Dee Bradley Baker Alejandro Urbán (2000)
Arturo Mercado (2001-10)
Mauricio Pérez (2013-17)
Martin Chris Cox Sérgio Gutierréz Coto
Larissa Hynden Walch Rebeca Patiño
Kate Laraine Newman Nallely Solís
Anna Tress MacNeille Joceyn Robles
Anma Julia Pamela Adlon Marina Huerta
Cherami Leigh Nallely Solís
Anna Victoria Nicole Sullivan
Richard Greg Cipes Edson Matus
Renan Troy Baker Gerardo Vásquez
Keila Bernstein Audrey Wasilewski Marina Huerta
Vanessa Rodriguez E.G Daily Adriana Casas
John DiMaggio (one episode) Alan Eric Andre Alejandro Mayén
Lydia Maria Bamford Karla Falcón

One-time and secondary characters

Character Performer Mexican Performer Episode
Debora's Father Maurice LaMarche Maynardo Zavala "Simoween"
Gordon Griffin Jeff Bennett Alfonso Obregón "McStroke", "Home for the Holidays",
"Stranded" and
"Two Heads Are Worse Than One"
Corky Clark Eugenio Derbéz "McStroke"
Buzz David Herman Francisco Colmenero "Bad News from the Clinic?"
Yosemite Sam Maurice LaMarche César Soto "The Candyman" (outtakes only)
Janeane Garofalo Cony Madera "Pilot"
Bobcat Goldthwait Humberto Vélez
Giovanna Alyson Hannigan Cony Madera "Bewitched"
Jennifer Garner "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls"
Denise Sheridan Aubrey Plaza Patricia Palestino "Stranded"
Chris Sheridan Stephen Colbert Sebastián Llapur
Quint Corey Burton Humberto Solórzano "Titanic"
Stone Donald Sutherland Tito Reséndiz "Love...And So Does Art"
Captain Kiefer Sutherland Francisco Colmenero "My Fair Pete"
Herself Leah Remini Leyla Rangel "Love... And So Does Art"
Therapist Dulce Guerrero
Katey Sagal Ada Morales "Love... And So Does Art" and "The Naked Truth"
Dr. Laura Baker Marg Helgenberger Mónica Manjarrez "Titanic"
Catherine Willows Laura Torres "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls"
Uncle Carl Clancy Brown Jesse Conde "Home for the Holidays"
Uncle Charles Carlos Alazraqui Carlos Vitale "Home for the Holidays" and
"Big Trouble in Little Langley"
Aunt Claudia Kathy Najimy Rebeca Patiño "Home for the Holidays",
"Big Trouble in Little Langley" and
"Escape from Pearl Bailey"


Executive producers and showrunners

Michael Sullivan and Jerry Bruckheimer were the executive producers during the entire run, and Sullivan also served as creative consultant. Johnson and Zuckerman were also the executive producer, as well as executive creative consultant, but both left the show at the end of the second season. Other executive producers include Daniel Palladino, David Goodman, Chris Sheridan, Josh Weinstein, Mark Hentemann, Rich Appel and Steve Callaghan.

  • Mike Sullivan: Executive Producer and Showrunner (2002-04, 2013-16)
  • Jerry Bruckheimer: Executive Producer
  • Patrick Johnson: Executive Producer (1999-2016)
  • Daniel Palladino: Co-Executive Producer (2000-01), Executive Producer & Showrunner (2001-02), Consulting Producer (2009-11)
  • David A. Goodman: Co-Executive Producer (2001-04), Executive Producer (2005-2011), Showrunner (2005-08) and Consulting Producer (2013-17)
  • Chris Sheridan: Co-Producer (1999-2003), Executive Producer (2005-14), Consulting Producer (2015-17)
  • Mark Hentemann: Consulting Producer (2005-06, 2016-17), Co-Executive Producer (2006-09), Executive Producer & Showrunner (2009-15)
  • Richard Appel: Co-Executive Producer (2009-11), Executive Producer & Showrunner (2013-17)
  • Steve Callaghan: Co-Producer (2005-06), Producer (2006), Co-Executive Producer (2006-09), Executive Producer & Showrunner (2009-17)
  • Laura Miller: Production Assistant (1999-2000), Producer (2000-11), Co-Executive Producer (2013-17)
  • Kara Vallow: Producer (2001-11), Executive Producer (2013-17)
  • Josh Weinstein: Co-Executive Producer (2002-04), Executive Producer (2004-15), Showrunner (2004-08) and Consulting Producer (2015-17)
  • David Zuckerman: Executive Producer (1999-2001, 2016-17), Co-Executive Producer (2001-02) and Consulting Producer (2003-05)
Season(s) Name
Season One David Zuckerman
Season Two
Season Three Daniel Palladino
Season Four Michael Sullivan
Season Five
Michael Sullivan (2004-05), David A. Goodman & Josh Weinstein
Season Six
Season Seven
David A. Goodman, Josh Weinstein, Mark Hentemann & Steve Callaghan
Season Eight
Season Nine
Michael Sullivan, Mark Hentemann (2013-15) & Steve Callaghan
Michael Sullivan & Steve Callaghan
Season Ten
Season Eleven Richard Appel

Voice actors

The Simons has seven main cast members: Dan Castellaneta, Carolyn Lawrence, Jill Talley, Miranda Richardson, series creator Michael Sullivan and Maurice LaMarche. Castellaneta voices Craig Simon, Dave Simon and other adult, male characters. Lawrence voices Courtney Griffin, as well as several minor characters. Lawrence previously voiced Courtney in Blind Nights and The Duck Bros. (replacing E.G. Daily). Talley voices Mary Simon, Layla the Receptionist and other female characters. Richardson voices Margareth Simon, the teacher Patricia, the loud-mouthed Gloria and several other characters. Sullivan voices Blooregard Framagucci, Maurice Simon, as well as other male characters. LaMarche voices Bob Gribble, Marlon Sheridan, Fernando Yure, Philip Guntzelman and many characters. Just like previous TV series from "Dragon City universe", The Simons doesn't use child voice actors to voice characters (Craig, Stanley, Maurice, Townshend and others), because, according to Sullivan, "we [he and Pat Johnson] don't use them, because they quickly grown up, and some retired from voice acting. So we have to junk this format, and come up use professional voice actors" [1]

In addition to main cast, Ralph Garman, Chris Cox, Chris Edgerly, Maria Bamford, Laura Miller, Lori Alan, Olivia Olson, Hynden Walch, Steve Little, Jan Rabson, Tress MacNeille and [[wikipedia:Alexandra Breckenridge|Alexandra Breckenridge]! voice supporting characters. Karl Wiedergott and Joey Slotnick has also voiced recurring characters and minor roles. Wiedergott left the show in 2010, and Slotnick in 2000. One-time "Special guest" cast members include Jennifer Tilly, Alyson Hannigan, Aubrey Plaza, Stephen Colbert, Steve Buscemi, Leah Remini and Kelsey Grammer.


Once the fourth season being completed broadcast on television, Sullivan wanted to end the show, but the sucess of the series led to more episodes, so David Goodman and Josh Weinstein took over Sullivan's position as showrunner and began working on a fifth season for broadcast in 2004. Fox announced in June 2017 that they would be airing the final episode on June 18, 2017. Johnson and Sullivan have expressed their desire for a theatrical film or a direct-to-video film upon conclusion of the series, but said that he has no plans for new seasons or episodes. He is currently working for a new animated series produced by Netflix, under his production tag Heinz 58.


The show follows the satiric adventures of a dysfunctional family, the Simons, which consists of Craig, Dave, Margareth, Stanley and Maurice, as well as Courtney and Mary. Although the family is dysfunctional, many episodes examine their relationships and bonds with each other and they are often shown to care about one another (an example for Craig and Margareth' relationship being the running gags of the show). The show also includes an array of quirky supporting characters, teachers, family friends, townspeople and Craig's schoolmates and friends.


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