The Seventh Brother is an upcoming 2D computer-animated film released by Walt Disney Pictures for 2021. Based on the German film Bobo un die Hassabande and the 1991 animated film under the same name distributed by Feature Films for Families.


An abandoned puppy makes friends with six rabbit siblings in the woods.



  • Jacob Tremblay as Tiny
  • Max Charles as J.C.
  • TBA as Rebecca
  • Noah Jupe as Marty
  • TBA as Joanna
  • TBD as Cody
  • TBA as Mimi
  • Reese Witherspoon as Mrs Rabbit
  • James Corden as Mr. Rabbit/Poacher 3/Weasel
  • TBA as Dr. Albert E. Owl
  • Jane Lynch as Mrs. Magpie
  • TBA as Grandpa
  • TBA as Angie
  • Bill Hader as Silly Crow
  • TBA as Mrs. Bird
  • TBA as Mr. Bird
  • Jim Wright as Groundhog
  • Duane Stevens as Father Hedgehog
  • Karily Baker as Whiny Hedgehog/Sniffing Mouse
  • Nate Gee as Spikey 2/Squirrel 3/Tiny 2
  • Justin Martin as Spikey 3/Squirrel 4
  • Rob Paulsen as Fox
  • Mark Probert as Hawk
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Stork/Poacher 1
  • Aaron Watson as Alf/Poacher 2
  • Aisha Mortimer as Squirrel 1
  • Lance Bradshaw as Squirrel 2
  • TBA as Squirrel 5
  • Billy West as Father Mouse/Melk the Elk
  • TBA as Mouse
  • TBA as Forest Animal
  • TBA as Ladies Bird Group



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