Same with some exceptions. In the remake ending scene: Cody is reunited by his mother, Rachel, Frank, Red, Krebbs, Polly and the animals are freed by the Rangers and The Chairmouse celebration on Rescue Aid Society.


Cast and Characters

  • Bernard (voiced by Matthew Broderick in style of Adult Simba, replacing Bob Newhart): The gray mouse who is Bianca's co-agent, husband and the film's main protagonist
  • Bianca (voiced by Kath Soucie in style of Kanga and Perdita, replacing the late Eva Gabor): The white mouse who is Bernard's agent, wife and the film's secondary protagonist
  • Cody (voiced by Ashleigh Ball in style of Rainbow Dash, replacing Adam Ryen): a young boy and the film's deuteragonist and false protagonist
  • Jake (voiced by Tristan Rogers, reprising his role): The kangaroo mouse who is Bernard and Bianca's partner and the film's tritagonist
  • Wilbur (voiced by Jim Cummings in style of Tantor, replacing the late John Candy): sidekick of Albatross Brothers' Airlines, Orville's younger brother, and the film's tetartagonist
  • Marahute (voiced by Rebecca Shoichet in style of Sunset Shimmer, replacing Frank Welker): Cody's half-eagle human, Wilbur's new wife, mother of the new-born hatchlings, and the film's supporting deuteragonist, later main supporting protagonist
  • Percival C. McLeach (voiced by Charlie Adler in style of Doctor Doom, replacing the late George C. Scott): The poacher who wants to be a an evil sorcerer, the black market and kidnapped Cody and the film's main antagonist
  • Rachel (voiced by Paige O'Hara in style of Belle, replacing Carla Meyer): Cody's mother and the film's minor protagonist
  • Penny (voiced by Andrea Libman in style of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie): A orphan girl who is Cody's girlfriend, later love-interest at the end and the film's minor deuteragonist
  • Chairmouse (voiced by Wally Wingert in style of Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange, replacing the late Bernard Fox): the mouse who was found in Rescue Aid Society and the film's minor supporting protagonist
  • Faloo (voiced by Mandy Moore in style of Rapunzel, replacing Carla Meyer): a female red kangaroo who has a husband and the film's secondary supporting protagonist
  • Red (voiced by Hank Azaria in style of Bartok, replacing Peter Fifth): a male red kangaroo who has a wife and the film's third supporting protagonist
  • Polly (voiced by Kari Wahlgren in style of Attina): a female platypus who was rescued by Jake and the film's fourth supporting protagonist
  • Krebbs (voiced by Brian Bloom in style of Steve Rogers/Captain America, replacing the late Douglas Seale): a koala who joined to the Australian friends and the film's fifth supporting protagonist
  • Frank (voiced by Josh Keaton in style of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, replacing the late Wayne Robson): a fill-necked lizard who joined to Cody's friends and the film's sixth supporting protagonist
  • Baitmouse (voiced by Jim Cummings in style of Ray the Firefly, replacing the late Billy Barty): A mouse who was rescued by Cody and the film's seventh supporting protagonist
  • Sparky (voiced by Tom Kenny in style of Tony Stark/Iron Man): a fly can speak to his friends and the film's eighth supporting protagonist
  • Doctor Mouse (voiced by Jason Bateman in style of Nick Wilde, replacing the late Bernard Fox): a mad scientist mice and the film's ninth supporting protagonist
  • Nurse Mouse (voiced by Cindy Robinson in style of Amy Rose, replacing the late Russi Taylor): a nurse mice and the film's tenth supporting protagonist
  • Rufus (voiced by Jim Cummings in style of Tigger): Penny's pet cat and the film's second minor supporting protagonist
  • Joanna (voiced by Lena Headey in style of Mystique): McLeach's pet goanna and the film's tertiary antagonist, later main antihero
  • Twister the Snake (voiced by Robert Englund in style of The Riddler and Dormmamu): a snake and the film's minor antagonist, later secondary antihero
  • The Razorback (voiced by Sam Witwer in style of Darth Maul): a pig and the film's second minor antagonist, later third antihero
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