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The Regulus is an American musical sci-fi/adventure comedy television series, created & written by Reyn Robinson & Dan Fogelman, who is known for his series Galavant in 2015, with music & lyrics by Alan Menken.

According to Robinson, the series is considered "an unofficial sequel to Galavant, mixed in with Star Wars & other science fiction".


In a galaxy far, far away, Jonatren “Jon” Bearhone, a rather charismatic space explorer, travels across space onboard his space-rig, the Regulus, with his sidekick Kenroge “Ken” Corlmea, a depressed intergalactic gunslinger, & droid assistant BRO-4. Of course, the two haven’t been on any space voyages for a while, especially since the evil Rarigian Empire invaded & conquered the known galaxy with an army of space monsters, leaving many of the planets barren. Fortunately, an opportunity comes when Jon & Ken find a cryonic preservation tank holding a beautiful princess named Aelita. Upon regaining consciousness, Princess Aelita explains to Jon & Ken about how she attempted to lead a revolt against the Rarigian Empire a century ago. While she was unsuccessful, her rebels managed to escape &, in the process, killed most of the Emperor’s elite guards. The Empire sent three hundred space monsters to kill Aelita but she managed to escape capture through cryogenic sleep while her warriors managed to kill about half of them.

Now awakened in the present day, Princess Aelita asks Jon & Ken to help her reunite with her rebel comrades so that they can once again face the Ririgian Empire, led by the malevolent yet spoiled Emperor Theodore Rex. And so, believing this to be their biggest adventure, Jon, Ken, Aelita, & BRO-4 travel across the galaxy & fight to liberate it from the Rarigian Empire… while at the same time have a fair number of oddball encounters.



  • Jonatren “Jon” Bearhone, the main protagonist. A rather charismatic space explorer & owner of the Regulus, a space-rig that’s seen better days.
  • Kenroge “Ken” Corlmea, the main deuteragonist. An intergalactic gunslinger struggling with a strange case of depression.
  • Princess Aelita, the main tritagonist. A princess who had been trying to rebel against the Rarigian Empire.
  • BRO-4, the personal droid of Jon & Ken onboard the Regulus.
  • Emperor Theodore Rex, the main antagonist. The current Emperor of the Rarigian Empire.






  • Although this series has no connection with Star WarsThe Regulus appears to have references to the franchise as well as other science fiction phenomena.
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