The reboot of The Puzzle Place is produced by Fininvest and WNED. It is filmed at Cinecittà in Rome.


  • Sarah Burgess as Julie Woo - A Chinese-American girl from San Francisco, California.
  • Cristina D'Avena as Kiki Flores - A Mexican-American girl from San Antonio, Texas.
  • Gregory Snegoff as Ben Olafson - A Scandinavian American boy from Renner, South Dakota.
  • Mike Quinn (puppet), Noel MacNeal (voice) as Leon MacNeal - An African American boy from New York City.
  • Karin Schäfer (puppet), Ryan Dillon (voice) as Skye Nakaiye - An Apache boy from an Indian reservation in Arizona.
  • Pui Fan Lee as Jody Silver - A Jewish Lithuanian American girl from Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Satyajit Padhye as Kyle O'Connor - A Irish-American wheelchair user boy.
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