The Nutcracker
Directed by Lucas Bradley
Produced by Lucas Bradley
Robert Zimmerman
John Lasseter
Screenplay by Lucas Bradley
Jack Zimmerman
Based on the Story by E. T. A. Hoffmann
Starring (Puppets) April Marie
The Cat in the Hat
Peppermint Tot
Ludwig von Drake
Minnie Mouse
Daisy Duck
Sonic the Hedgehog
Starring (Voices) Liz English
Martin Short
Michelle Ruff
Corey Burton
Russi Taylor
Bret Iwan
Tress MacNeille
Roger Craig Smith
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tschaikovsky
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios
LPB Films
Country United States
Language English

Based from the mind-blowing story and inspired by a remarkable ballet, The Nutcracker is performed in a new way (by various creatures). This film was directed, co-written, and co-produced by Lucas Bradley, in his directoral debut for LPB Productions/LPB Films. The film was also co-written by Jack Zimmerman and co-produced by Robert Zimmerman, who both wrote and produced The Wrath of the Shogun.


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The Sugarplum Fairy (April Marie): the leader of the Land of the Sweets

The Cavalier (The Cat in the Hat): the Sugarplum Fairy's love and assistant

Dewdrop (Peppermint Tot): leader of the Dancing Flowers

Herr Drosselmeier (Ludwig von Drake); Marie's godfather; gives Marie the Nutcracker doll

Frau Stahlbaum (Minnie Mouse): the mother of Marie and Fritz

Dr. Stahlbaum (Fantasia): the father of Marie and Fritz

Marie Stahlbaum (Daisy Duck): main protagonist; receives a Nutcracker doll courtesy of Godfather Drosselmeier; taken by the Nutcracker Prince

Drosselmeier's Nephew (Sonic the Hedgehog): main protagonist; in love with Marie when first met, would then become the Nutcracker Prince and takes Marie to the land of the Sugarplum Fairy

Fritz Stahlbaum (Donald Duck): anti-hero; Marie's brother who breaks the Nutcracker doll

Mother Ginger (Barnster <Barney>): the guardian of the Polichinelles

Grandparents (BJ and Baby Bop)

Lead Hot Chocolate (Gracie and Jake Chimp): from Spain

Lead Candy Cane (Daniel Ape):

Coffee (Toad <Froggy>): from Arabia

Lead Tea (Goofy): from China

Marzipan (Piglet): leader of the shephards

Lead Flower Dancers (Lucky Dalmation and Elmo)

Mouse King (Deeno Dino): main antagonist of the story; wants to capture the Nutcracker and his soldiers with some help from his cohorts Tim and Horace among other mice; defeated by the Nutcracker in the battle

Klaus: Drosselmeier's chariot driver

Adolf (Chip/Light Gaia): a chocolate candy designer who sits with Drosselmeier in the beginning

Hildegarde (Amy Rose): Stahlbaum's chariot driver

Tim (Mickey Mouse): one of the Mouse King's cohorts who is loyal and intelligent

Horace (Barnster): one of the Mouse King's cohorts who is dumb and obese

Voice Cast


Voice Actor

The Sugarplum Fairy, Parent April Marie Liz English
The Cavalier, Parent The Cat in the Hat Martin Short
Dewdrop Peppermint Tot Michelle Ruff
Herr Drosselmeier Ludwig von Drake Corey Burton
Frau Stahlbaum, Snowflake Minnie Mouse Russi Taylor
Dr. Stahlbaum Fantasia Bret Iwan
Marie Stahlbaum Daisy Duck Tress MacNeille
Drosselmeier's Nephew
The Nutcracker Prince
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith
Frederic "Fritz" Stahlbaum Donald Duck Tony Anselmo
Mother Ginger
Horace (Cohort), Mouse
Barnster (Barney) Dean Wendt
Grandparents BJ Patty Wirtz
Baby Bop Julie Johnson

Lead Hot Chocolate, Parents

Gracie Chimp Laura Joy Zimmerman
Jake Chimp Jack Zimmerman
Lead Candy Cane
Toy Soldier
Daniel Ape Lucas Bradley
Coffee, Parent Toad (Froggy) Kara Edwards
Lead Tea Goofy Bill Farmer
Marzipan, Parent Piglet Travis Oates
Lead Flowers Lucky Dalmation Zachary Balagot
Elmo Kevin Clash
Mouse King, Parent, Guard Deeno Dino Mike Pollock(*)
Tim (Cohort), Mouse Mickey Mouse Bret Iwan
Mouse, Child, Guard The Love Pup Cameron Boyce
Mouse, Child, Polichinelle Stitch Chris Sanders
Parent, Snowflake, Flower Molly Doll ?
Parent, Snowflake Cobra of Egypt ?
Parents Raggedy Andy ?
Jeremiah Bullfrog Lucas Bradley

(*)Deeno Dino was originally voiced by Lucas Bradley, but Mike Pollock got the role instead.


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