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The Prince of Egypt (Spanish: El príncipe de Egipto) (French: Le Prince D'Égypte) is an upcoming Mexican computer animated musical drama film directed by Nadia Gonzalez and written by Pablo Aldrete and Genaro Lopez. The film is an adaptation of the Book of Exodus, The film stars the voices of Saúl Álvarez, Diego Boneta, Jimena Sanchez, Fey, Carlos Rivera, Emmanuel, Maite Perroni, Omar Chaparro and Facundo. theatrically released in the Mexico on September 11, 2020 by Videocine, which has been delayed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Spanish cast

  • Saúl Álvarez as Moses
    • Álvarez also voice as God
  • Diego Boneta as Ramses II
    • Mateo Velasco Ramírez as a young Ramses II
    • Miguel Pérez as a teenager Ramses II
  • Jimena Sanchez as Tzipporah
  • Fey as Miriam
    • Lucy Hernández as a young Miriam
  • Carlos Rivera as Aaron
    • Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo as a young Aaron
  • Emmanuel as Jethro
  • Maite Perroni as Queen Tuya
  • Omar Chaparro as Pharaoh Seti
  • Facundo as Hotep
  • Eugenio Derbez as Huy
  • Fanny Lu as Yocheved
  • Mireya Mendoza as Tzipporah's older sister
  • Erika Ugalde as Tzipporah's middlest sister
  • Auri Maya as Tzipporah's younger sister
  • José Juan Hernández as Ramses's son

English cast

French cast

  • Gad Elmaleh as Moses
    • Elmaleh also voice as God
  • Benjamin Bollen as Ramses II
  • Vanessa Paradis as Tzipporah
  • Franck Gastambide as Jethro
  • Anouck Hautbois as Miriam
  • Philippe Bozo as Aaron
  • Ludivine Sagnier as Queen Tuya
  • François Cluzet as Pharoah Seti
  • Luc Besson as Hotep
  • Pierre Coffin as Huy
  • Camille as Yocheved

Additional Voices

  • Fernando Meza as Slave Driver
  • Armando González, Ignacio Casares, Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste as Men with Lash Marme on backs Leaning the Wall
  • Andrés Couturier as Man Pushing the large rock
  • Héctor Amavizca as Old Man Getting Whipped
  • Liliana Rascón, Nadia González and Mayté Cordeiro as Shrieking Women with boils on arms


The song "Ven A Cantar" became a commercially successful single in a Christmas song performed by La Hermandad.



Television series

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