Here is the trivia of The Powerpuff Girls Movie: Part II directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken and co-directed by Fred Seibert.


  • Despite Cartoon Network Studios having involvement in the film, Warner Bros. Pictures didn’t distribute it.
  • The fourth Cartoon Network theatrical film, the first being the Powerpuff Girls Movie, the second being Regular Show: The Movie and the third being Angry Birds X: The Fine-Feathered Movie.
  • Unlike the previous film, The Powerpuff Girls Movie: Part II succeeded in the box office.
  • This is the first animated sequel to the television series.
  • The first film that James L. Venable joined Heitor Pereira to compose the film's score.
  • The first film to have Genndy Tartakovsky collaborate with Craig McCracken to direct an animated sequel.
  • The first film to have Fred Seibert as a co-director.
  • The first film that Rob Desales joined Bobby Gibis as an editing team.
  • Chuck McCann was supposed to do the voice of The Amoeba Boys, but died of heart failure at the age of 83 on April 8, 2018. So they replaced him with Lou Romano instead.
  • The first Sony Pictures Animation film to be in traditional 2D animation.
  • Xavier Mosley as a screenplayer was uncredited.
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