The Outrageous Misadventures of Triple X Vision and Gem Woman is an American adult comedy superhero comic book series, being published by Moonlake Comics since April 18th, 2008.


Two of the worst superheroes alive have to form an alliance in order to both navigate life and very dumb villains.



  • David Davis/Triple X Vision - a perverted and alcoholic superhero who can see through anything as he mainly uses it to look at women.
  • Kayla Moore/Gem Woman - an anger-prone superheroine who can fire magical effects on people but most of them suck such as causing the person affected to become super horny.


  • Priscilla Moonshine - a popular superhero publicist whose job is to make superheroes look good as she attempts to make Triple X Vision and Gem Woman seem like good people.
  • Courtney Bask - Harold's rebellious daughter who doesn't want to be associated with him as she supports Triple X Vision and Gem Woman just to spit in his face.
  • Harold Bask - the chief of Topaz City's police who happens to be a major alcoholic and has a bad relationship with both his daughter and now Triple X Vision and Gem Woman.
  • Trixie - a porn star who is known for being very slutty and wants to fuck whoever she wants.


  • Dr. Misogynist - a crazy and insane mad scientist who despises women and believes that they should be regarded as slaves, causing him to become the lowest of the low of villains.
  • Tanya Tantrum/The Devastator - an extremely dangerous and mysterious supervillain who turns out to be a nine-year-old girl in a supersuit.
  • Crackwolf - a crack-addict super villain who can transform into a giant humanoid wolf whenever he gets overdosed on crack.
  • Winnie - the mascot of the restaurant chain known as Winnie's who got brought back to life and wants to enslave people into becoming her food-eating slaves.
  • Mick Creant - a pathetic criminal who attempts to commit serious crimes but fails.
  • Sasha - a succubus who leads perverts to their deaths as having sex gives her energy and removes her victim's energy.
  • Derek Marks - a corrupt porn director who tried to force Kayla to join his porn business.
  • The Dominatrix - a villainess who is a professional dominatrix as she uses her whips as weapons.


  1. Vs. the Devastator - Triple X Vision and Gem Woman face against a super villain known as the Devastator as they learn that the Devastator is a minor.
  2. Screw You All! - In order to screw with mostly Triple X Vision, Gem Woman decides to fight crime in lingerie as it turns out to be a mistake.
  3. Women Are Like Slaves - A super villain known as Dr. Misogynist has transformed both Gem Woman and Priscilla in stepford housewife-like slaves as Triple X refuses to fight him.
  4. Way Too Drunk - Both Triple X and Gem Woman get way too drunk as now they are unable to fight a giant bee monster.
  5. Wanna Have Sex? - Triple X Vision finds a random naked girl and screws her. Soon Gem Woman that the girl is a succubus and her having sex with him is slowly removing his energy before he dies.
  6. Blackmailed - Gem Woman has been getting blackmailed to start a porn career as she tries to find who this person is.
  7. From Zero to Hero to Zero - Triple X Vision and Gem Woman finally get extremely popular, but the question is if the popularity would last.
  8. Have A Trip - Wanting Triple X to not be an annoyance for a while, Gem Woman drugs his drink as he gets very high. Things get chaotic though when Crackwolf strikes back and wants to eat the drugged Triple X Vision.
  9. See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Triple X Vision and Gem Woman decide to fight a villain they can't see or hear.
  10. The Dominatrix - Triple X Vision and Gem Woman fight a dominatrix-themed villain.
  11. Back In Time - Triple X and Gem Woman get warped back to WWII as they try to escape it.
  12. Marry Me! - Courtney fakes her pregnancy in order to get Triple X to marry her as Triple X tries to get out of this.
  13. The Monster - A monster has been trying to eat people alive as Triple X and Gem Woman try to stop it.
  14. Hiding in Plain Sight - Triple X tries to hide from everyone who ever hated him by taking a new identity.
  15. Glimpse to the Future - David and Kayla go to a fortune teller as their fortune is something Kayla despises.
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  20. World's Unfinest - Dr. Misogynist returns and attempts to brainwash all females worldwide as Triple X Vision and Captain Nocturne reluctantly unite to save their female companions.
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  30. The Future - Set in the future, Gem Woman and Triple X are now married and trying to forget the past.
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