The Order of the Stone is an 2022 American-Canadian Live-Action sci-fi-comedy-drama film directed by Allison Adler and Casey Affleck, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures The film was produced by Legendary Pictures and Touchstone Pictures, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is the first of 5 films in The Order of The Stone film series. This film was released in theaters on March 10, 2022, in 3D, IMAX 3D, and 4K formats.


5 friends who were once ordinary people have become real heroes of the world. Finding an unusual red stone, they all acquire a certain "Power of Heroes", thanks to which, they must save the whole world from the coming threat, which is led by a dangerous creature that they have been trying to destroy for 10,000 years.



  • Zachary Gordon as Bruce Adams - The main character of the film. A 23-year-old teenager who is positive and optimistic. Leader of the Order of the Stone team.
  • Nathan Gamble as Nathan Kongs - The second main character of the film. Bruce's second-in-command when he's not around and his childhood best friend.
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Cameron Mike - An avid lover of parties and adventures. He jokes at the most inappropriate moment in the film.
  • Ysa Penarejo as Lenny Quartz - A young engineer and an important character for the film.
  • Selena Gomez as Maggie Wallson - A strange and gloomy-looking teenage girl who wants to leave the team.


  • Harry Lennix as "The Creature" - The main antagonist of the film and the same threat to the world.
  • Jim Carrey as Maximus Wallson - A mad scientist who controlled the Creature's mind. He is the father of Maggie Wallson.



Writing of the script began in the winter of 2018 and ended in the summer of 2019.


The film was shot from the summer of 2019 to the fall of 2020.


Critical Response

The film was rated 10 out of 10 on the website Rotten Tomatoes.


The box office did not force itself to leave so easily and after 3 months, a sequel to the film was announced, the shooting of which began in February 2023 and ended closer to the winter of 2024. And the second film itself was released in the fall of 2025. In 2027, the third film was released, in 2029, the fourth film was released, and in 2032, the final fifth film was released.


In the summer of 2022, this movie turned into a whole franchise of different things.

Comic Book Series

Main Article: The Order of the Stone (Comic Book Series)

In November 2022, there is (and still is) a series of comics based on the film, which are something of an alternate universe. The comics themselves were created by IDW Publishing.

TV Series

The Order of the Stone: Heroes Forever!

Main Article: The Order of the Stone: Heroes Forever!

The Order of the Stone: Heroes Forever! is an American-Canadian 2D animated TV series based on comic book series.

LEGO sets series

  • 785483 - Underground
  • 786594 - Urban Disorder
  • 787605 - Lenny Quartz's Giant Machine
  • 788716 - Dueling Zone
  • 789827 - The Final Battle

Minecraft Pack

In January 2023, the official pack for the game Minecraft from Mojang was released. The pack was based on the movie and was added to the mobile version and the Windows 10 version.

Logos variations


The Order of the Stone/Credits.


  • The Order of the Stone is a a reference to the name of the characters from the game "Minecraft: Story Mode".
  • The soundtrack was originally supposed to be written by Alan Silvestri.
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