In an Unknown Place 

(The Old Man is guarded from someone and he know he's here) 

Old Man: He's here, covered your butts. 

Guard: Covered our butts? Why. 

(And then the Gate has Open and it was Dimentio and his Minions) 

Dimentio: Virtruvius. 

Virtruvius: Dimentio. 

Dimentio: You've hidden the Dark Cannon well, old man. Minions! Destroyed him! 

Virtruvius: Your Minions are no match for me, for a Master Brawler. That I can see Everything! 

(He's fighting all Dimentio's Minions and then Dimentio just Blinded him) 

Virtruvius: Agh! My Eyes! 

Dimentio: Looks like I won. (He open the chest) Finally, the Dark Cannon is Mine! Minions, take it to my Ship. And this time Nobody will stop me. 

Virtruvius: (He Stand up) There is a Prophecy. 

Dimentio: Propechy? 

Virtruvius: About the Trophy Stand. 

Dimentio: Trophy Stand? 

Virtruvius: Yes. There supposed to be a Trophy Stand that can somehow magically disarm the Dark Cannon. 

Dimentio: Really. 

Virtruvius: One day, a talented Two Girls or boys the Heroes will make the Trophy Stand found from its hiding refuge underground, and with a noble army at the helm this Master Brawler will thwart The Dark Cannon and save the realm, and be the greatest, most interesting most important persons of all times. All of this is true, because it rhymes 

Dimentio: You sure? That was a great, inspiring legend that you made up. 

(Dimentio send him fly away from the Place) 

Dimentio: The Heroes? Well, they will never save the World from Me (Evil Laugh)                        

Nintendo and Warner Bros. Picture                        
The Nintendo Movie

Life in Diamond City

8 and a Half years ago

(A Small Yellow Cat named Spitz has Woke up from his bed)

Spitz: (Yawn) Good morning to me. Ready to start the day. (He get off the bed) (Breath) Alright time for me to say...

Citizen: Good morning Everyone!

(Everybody in Diamond City Saying Good Morning Everybody)

Spitz: Alright, time for me to do my Exercise. Jumping Jacks hit'em. (He Jump) One. (He Jump again) Two. (He jump again) Three. I'm so pump out! Time to take a Shower. 

(He take a Bath in a Shower)

Spitz: And I have to be careful not to get soap on my (The soap got into his eyes) EYESSS!

(After that he brush his teeth and Comb his Fur)

Spitz: Time for me to get dress. (He walk out of the Door) Wait! I'm still in my Pajamas.

(He dress up inside the Closet)

Spitz: (Dress up as a Parrot) No. (Dress up as a Football Player) No. (Dress up in Europe) Na-ah (Dress up as a Soccer Player) No (He dress up his Casual clothes) Not that. (He dress up like Gizmo from Teen Titan) Wrong. (He finally found his Outfit) And that's it Check. (And he put on his Goggles on his Forehead)

(He make his own Breakfast and he sit down on his Chair)

Spitz: I have to wait for Dribble to pick me up. So I better hang around here. (He turn on his TV) I like Pair Of kings. (Laugh)

Newspaper Boy: Paper! Get your morning Paper.

Spitz: (He turn off the TV) Great. (He pick up the Newspaper on his Doorstep and he read it) A New Video Game coming? Cool... What the? A Clown is trying to take over the World. What was that about?... Oh well, I guess it's for a New Video Game. (Sigh) Let's see the Mail (He look at the Mail) John. Michael. Danny. Gus. Thomas. Jerry. Ace... Jeff (He put all the Mail on the Desk) Man, How long will Dribble would pick me up?

(He heard a Honking noise, it was Dribble driving his Taxi)

Dribble: Come on, Spitz! Let's go!

Spitz: Finally. (He grab his Backpack and left House and he Realize something's missing) Oops, I forgot my Wrench. (He pick up the Wrench and left House)

(He lock the Door and he get in the Taxi and they drive off)

Dribble: I got some Shoes for you. (He show Spitz some Shoes, It was Blue and Yellow)

Spitz: Thank. (He put on his Shoes) Can you turn on the Radio.

Dribble: Sure. (He turn on the Radio)

DJ: Time to play "Everything Is Awesome"

Spitz: Oh my G-O-S-H, I like this Song!

(Song "Everything Is Awesome)

(While they were drive they saw a Customer coming)

Dribble: Where to?

Man: To the Park.

(They made it to the Park for the Customer)

Man: Thank.

Spitz: He gave us a tip.

Dribble: Great! Time for us to get our Laundry.

(They went to Laundry Store and get their Laundry)

Spitz: Hey did you hear this? Diamond City is going to have a Local Sport Team.

All: Go Sport Team!

Dribble: I'll go get my Coffee.

Spitz: Okay.

Dribble: I'll have a Coffee.

Manager: Here you go. (He give him a Coffee) That thirty-seven Dollars.

Dribble: (Silent) Okay, Here you go. (He give a Money)

(They went to Warioware ,Inc and they saw their Friends)

Wario: Alright! Listen up Everybody. We need to do all our work's to get some Money for today, and this time let's sing Everything Is Awesome.

All: Yeah!!

(They are doing their Work and they are Singing except Ashley and Young Cricket)

5 Hours Later

(After their Work's, they are going back home for the end of the Day)

Wario: Thank you, you Guys. We finally got some Money's for today. Time for you all to go home.

18-Volt: Finally! I'm going to the Arcade after work tonight.

Kat: I'm going back to do my Dojo.

Ana: Me too.

Dr. Crygor: I'm going back to my Lab to do all my Work.

Ashley: I'm going back home to find the book that's so scary to me.

Young Cricket: Better go back home for my Master.

Jimmy T: And I'm gonna do all my Groove at my Place.

Dribble: Well, I better go home. Spitz, do you want a Ride?

Spitz: No, I better go take a Walk back home, cause my House is over there.

Dribble: Okay, Suit yourself.

5 Minutes Later

(Spitz is going back home, and he got bump from a Trash Can)

Spitz: Ouch! Man, I have to be Careful... Wait, where's my Notebook? (He went to the Grass to find his notebook, and he found it) Great, I better write those for my Life.

(He going back to the City, and he heard someone running pass him)

Spitz: Did someone pass me?

(He look around and he saw Two man searching something in the Forest)

Spitz: Uh, Excuse me you two. You guys cannot go to the Forest is dangerous here. Hello? They didn't listen to me. (He pull out his Phone) Well, I have no choice but to report you.

(He saw them ran off)

Spitz: Wait! I didn't mean to scare you! I just want to- (He slip on the Oil) (Scream)

(He fell down to the Big Hole and he got Knocked Several time)

Spitz: Ow.

(He is still Falling down to the Hole and he got Knocked Again)

Spitz: Owie.

(He Landed on his Back and he saw a Beautiful Area)

Spitz: Hey. That doesn't look so Bad.

(He got his leg hurt from a Rock and he got sting from a Spike)

Spitz: Ow! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah.

(He finally fell down to the Ground and he saw a Golden Plate)

Spitz: Wow, what is that.

Voice: Touch the beam.

Spitz: Touch the Beam? What do you mean?

Voice: Touch the Beam.

Spitz: Well, I think I should touch it.

(He gets up and starts walking over to the golden Plate, he becomes completely transfixed, he slowly extends his hand and touches the Plate and immediately gets a vision which includes Vitruvius reciting the Trophy Stand)

Virtruvius: The Heroes will make the Trophy Stand found from its hiding refuge underground...

(Spitz has been passed out)

Captured by the Star Wolf

(Spitz has Woke up and he got strap on a Chair) 

Spitz: Where am I? 

?????: You're in my Ship far side of Diamond City. 

(It was Wolf, Leon and Panther) 

Spitz: Who are you? 

Wolf: I'm Wolf. This is Leon and Panther we are the Star Wolf. 

Spitz: Star Wolf? Look I watch Space Movie but... Why am I here? 

Wolf: We captured you and your Friend cause you're the Heroes. 

Spitz: What! Wait... My friend? 

(They look over there and it was 9-Volt) 

Spitz: 9-Volt? 

9-Volt: Hey, Spitz. 

Spitz: How did you got Captured? 

9-Volt: They got me Jaywalking will I was going back home. 

Leon: We didn't Captured you Jaywalking. We Captured you. 

9-Volt: Why did you Captured us. 

Wolf: Because you guys are the Heroes from the Master Brawler. 

Spitz: Master Brawler? What's That? 

Panther: Playing Dumb, Cat. So where did you find the Trophy Stand? 

Spitz: Trophy Stand? I don't know what you were talking about? 

Wolf: So, you never heard of the Prophecy. 

9-Volt: Prophecy? 

Leon: Or a Master Brawler. 

Spitz: Nope. 

Panther: You guys are Liar's. 

Both: No we're not! 

Wolf: (He show them the Monitor) Security cameras picked up this. We saw you falling down the pit and found the Trophy Stand. 

9-Volt: Huh? 

Spitz: I don't know what you were talking about? 

Panther: And why do you have a Trophy Stand on you Backpack. 

Spitz: Huh? (He look at his backpack and he saw a trophy stand on his Backpack, He try to take it off but it can't) It won't come off. IT WON'T COME OFF! 

9-Volt: What is that!? 

Wolf: Told ya. 

Spitz: But one more thing. Why did you captured 9-Volt, he didn't have that thing on my Backpack? 

Leon: Because you were close friend to him. So we captured him too. 

9-Volt: I see... You have to believe us we're innocent. 

Panther: We believe you. 

Spitz: Really? 

Wolf: He's right, You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means we don't believe you! Why else would you show up with that thing on your backpack just three days before Dimentio will use the Dark Cannon to Take over the World. 

Spitz: Dimentio? Who's Dimentio?

Leon: Come on, you can be this Stupid. 

9-Volt: Look, This is just a Misunderstanding. We're just a regular, Normal People from Diamond City. And even thouh our Friends wil know that we are missing. So I guess they are searching for us. 

Wolf: Really? How do you explain those Letters that we got. (He put the Letter on the Desk) 

Spitz: Huh? (He read the Letter, and he doesn't like it) That's for Wario. We're not gonna read his Letter. (He torn it and read the second one) That must be Dribble's Letter, Dear Spitz. If you reading this I left Diamond City, I went on my own outside of Diamond City. I know that you gonna miss me, but I'll see you again. Signed. Dribble... He left me. 

9-Volt: Dear 9-Volt, I left Diamond City with my Friends without you and Spitz, I have to go on my Journey Today. Signed. Mona... (Sign) 

Spitz: Dear Spitz you Groove Cat. I left Diamond City to do my Groove with the Others. I know that you're not gonna have a Party with me, but I'll come back soon. Signed, Jimmy T. 

9-Volt: Dear earthling. I left Earth and went off to a new Planet. I really miss Earth, I'll see you again. Signed, Orbulan... I really like that Alien. 

Spitz: Dear, Spitz. Me and my Sister are leaving Diamond City to do our Training, I know you and 9-Volt are gonna miss us, but we'll come back. Signed Kat and Ana... I really like those Girls. 

9-Volt: That must be my Best Friend. Dear 9-Volt. I left Diamond City with my Friends I know that you are gonna have fun playing games without me, But I'll come back to play. Signed, 18-Volt. 

Spitz: Dear, Spitz. I left my Lab and went off to somewhere, I know you are gonna miss all my Invention. But I'll build some till I get back. Signed Dr. Crygor. 

9-Volt: Dear 9-Volt. Me and Red are going on a Journey to find somewhere that Scary for us. And don't make something Pretty at my House. Signed. Ashley. 

Spitz: Dear Cat. I went off a Journey to finish my Mission for my Master. And I went off on my Own to finish my Mission. Signed. Young Cricket... They abandon us. 

(They are gonna cry but they wipe their Tears) 

9-Volt: Looks like they left us. 

Wolf: I see. That means... We must Eliminate you both. 

Both: WHAT!!! 

Leon: Take them to the Melting Chamber. 

Spitz: Wait! Maybe you will have my Backpack with that thing on. 

Wolf: No, We have to Eliminate you, your friend, and the Trophy Stand.    

2 Minutes Later 

(The Robots put Spitz and 9-Volt on a Straping Table) 

Spitz: What are you going to do to us?  

Leon: We are going to slice in half with this Laser. 

9-Volt: What!? No! You will killed us! 

Wolf: Sorry Boys. (He press the Button) 

(The Laser is about to Charge Soon, and that make Spitz and 9-Volt Scared, Until then Wolf got a Call) 

Wolf: Yeah? Oh, hey Dimentio. Yeah we got them, yes, we are going to the Eliminated them. After that we are going to... Eliminate Their Friends. 

Both: What did you Say!? 

(They left the Room) 

Spitz: There's obviously been a mix up here! You've got the wrong Boys. 

(They are not Listening to him, Until then Two men from the Forest is Fighting those Robot with their Moves and they blast them with a Laser. After that they approach Spitz and 9-Volt with a Hammer) 

Both: No, No, Nooo! 

(But they set them free from the Iron Shackles) 

Spitz: Who are you? 

?????: Come with us, If you rather not a-die. 

(Spitz and 9-Volt grab their Hands and they are running for their Escape. Spitz saw a GPS Watch on the Floor, he pick it up just in time. Until then the Star Wolf Team has come back) 

Panther: How everything in...? 

(They saw Spitz and 9-Volt running with Two Men) 

Wolf: Stop them! 

(They use their Laser to Blast them, but they dodge it and made it through the Door to Outside) 

Wolf: Red alert! Red alert! I need everyone, repeat, everyone, to go after the Heroes!

Escape Diamond City

(They are running from the Robots and hide behind the rock, Spitz has put the GPS Watch on his Wrist)

Spitz: Are their Gone?

?????? 1: Yes their Gone.

?????? 2: Okay, we gonna get out of here.

9-Volt: How can do that?

?????? 1: Don't worry, we should use our Kart. Stay here.

(They went off and leave Spitz and 9-Volt here, They hear a Noise coming from the Star Wolf Ship)

Spitz: Hurry up you two!

(They come back with their Karts)

9-Volt: Wow, Nice Kart.

????? 2: Thank you. Now hop on.

Spitz: Are you Serious?

????? 1: Yes! Come on!

(They hop on their Karts and they drive Faster)

Spitz and 9-Volt: (Scream)

(They made it to Diamond City but they are still chasing from the Star Wolf)

Spitz: I have one Question for you! But what's going on?

????? 1: Hang on!

(They are driving through Highway and they ram to those Robots)

9-Volt: Hope they are Alright?

(They saw the Star Wolf's team chasing them)

Wolf: Don't let them escape!

Robot: Roger!

(They block them but they ram at Them)

?????: We need to meet up with Vitruvius and tell him that the Trophy stand has been found.

Spitz: Uh-huh.

Panther: Get them with the Rider!

(They are gonna get them, but the Italian man just Destroyed it by using a Hammer)

9-Volt: Look can you tell us what's going on?

????? 1: We're rescuing you Boys. You're the one that had the Trophy Stand.

Spitz: Me?

????? 2: You found the Trophy Stand and the prophecy states that you two are the most important, most talented, most interesting and most extraordinary persons in the universe. That's you guys, right?

Both: Uhhh... Yes, that's us.

????? 1: Good. Now you two drive.

Both: WHAT!?

(They jump off their Karts and they are fighting those Robots. Spitz and 9-Volt are driving their Kart)

Spitz: I don't know how to drive!

9-Volt: I am too young to drive!

(They don't know how to drive and they lose Control and they Began to Help)


9-Volt: ME TOO!

(They saw a House in front of them)

Spitz: This is not what we meant!

(They went inside the House with a Kart and they went up to the Attic Screaming and Burst out of the house)

????? 2: Oh No! Look out Heroes!

(They are out of Control and ram all those Robots)

????? 1: Brother look. They are very good in this.

(They went back to their Karts)

Spitz: I have one question for you two. We didn't get your Names?

Maroo: I'm Mario and this is my brother Luigi.

9-Volt: I can't hear you!

Mario: My name is Mario and this is my Brother Luigi.

Spitz: What is your Brother's name? Was it Mario or Luigi?

Mario: Luigi.

9-Volt: Are you from Italy, you guys?

Luigi: Not quite.

Spitz: Oh Wait, your name is Mario and your brother's name is Luigi. We didn't recognize you guys from your Hats.

Luigi: Seriously?

9-Volt: Yeah. And my name is 9-Volt and this is Spitz-

Mario: Let's not introduce ourselves.

Leon: Block the Freeway!

(The Robots block the Freeway)

Robot 2: We block the Freeway.

Spitz: They block the Freeway!

Luigi: Not this time.

(He and his brother push the Button on their Kart and turn into a Flying Kart)

9-Volt: Did that Kart just float?

Mario: Yes! E.Gadd Build it for us.

(They are flying outside of Diamond City)

Mario: We should go there.

Spitz: You mean the Cliff!?

Luigi: Nope this one. (He push the button on his Scanner)

(And then it create a Portal)

9-Volt: You mean we have to go to the Portal? We can't do this.

Mario: Don't break! Go! Don't stop! Go, now!

Spitz: We can't do this!

(They jump off but Mario and Luigi pull them back to the Kart)

Spitz: We are not gonna get ourselves killed.

Mario: Wait... What's your Hobby and your Occupation?

9-Volt: Shake Boarding and I'm a Student.

Spitz: Science Fiction and a Taxi Driver.

Luigi: Your favorite show?

9-Volt: Best Friend Whenever.

Spitz: Pair of Kings.

Mario: Your favorite Song?

9-Volt: Whenever!

Spitz: Everything Is Awesome!

Luigi: Oh Dear.

Mario: Oh No.

(They went to the Portal and it's closing. The Star Wolf's team didn't make it)

Wolf: Darn it!

Leon: Rat!

Panther: We're so Close!

(He throw the Rock at the Person and got knocked out)

Back to Spitz and the other

(They are floating through the Portal and the Kart got Destroy and they are falling)

Both: (Scream)

(And they landed on the ground except Spitz he's still screaming, Mario left to do something)

9-Volt: Spitz. Spitz!

Spitz: Huh?

Luigi: We're here.

Spitz: Really? Where are we?

(The saw the Sign over there)

Spitz: This is so- (Mario hit him with a Hammer) Ouch!

Luigi: Mario! He stop screaming.

Mario: (Angrily) I wasn't trying to stop him Screaming. You both are not the Heroes. You lied to us!

Spitz: Ouch. Okay, we lied to you guys.

Mario: And your not the Master Brawler's too. Come on Luigi. (They walk off)

9-Volt: Wait up! I mean we know what a Master Brawler is. But why didn't you tell us about what it is? The way we could see that you were right.

Mario: You two Ruined the Prophecy.

Spitz: We're sorry alright, you just made us to the Heroes and it sounds good.

Mario: To think, we were going to follow you to the end of the universe.

9-Volt: You two were? Well, here's the thing, how do we know for sure that we're not the Heroes? We just don't know it yet.

(Mario and Luigi pull them to the Gravestone)

Luigi: Be quite.

(They saw 4 Cowboys in the Distance)

Cowboy 1: You guys want some dried Turkey leg?

Cowboy 2: Nope.

Cowboy 3: No thank you.

Cowboy 4: I'm good thank you.

(Mario and Luigi is Attacking them and knock the out)

Spitz: Oh My G-O-S-H.

Luigi: Put these on. (He gave two Cowboy clothes to them)

4 Minutes Later

(They already dress up and they ride a Horses)

Spitz: Look, can you explain to us like why we dressed like this, and what was all about and like where are we this time?

(Mario look at them in Frustration)

Spitz: (Scared) If you could tell us.

Mario: Your world is Diamond City is one of many realms in the universe. There's also this one, Corneria, Hyrule, Dreamland, Mushrooms Kingdom, and a bunch of other worlds that we don't mention.

Spitz: Go on.

Luigi: Dimentio who was an Enemy to us, has stole the Dark Cannon, the most powerful object in the Universe. Blah, blah, blah. Proper name. Place name. Backstory stuff...

Spitz: Keep going.

Mario: .... Is the Heroes. The Heroes. I'm so happy. I like you. But I'm angry with you two for some reason.

Spitz: We're sorry.

Luigi: the end of the universe, put the Trophy Stand onto the Dark Cannon and disarm it forever!

Spitz: I think I got it for what you said.

9-Volt: And I have a Question... Tell me the Whole thing again, cause I wasn't listening.

(And that make Mario Frustration)

9-Volt: (Scared) If you could tell me again.

Mario: Okay, all the people of the universe were once free to travel and work together and help each other whatever they want. But Dimentio saw all the things that we did, so he erected walls between the worlds and became obsessed with order to take over the world, and he stole the mysterious super secret weapon called...

Dimentio: The Dark Cannon!

Mario: And he hired Star Wolf's team to hunt down all the Master Brawler, who were always changing everything. Those of us who remained, well we went into hiding, built tunnels to survive. And we searched for the Trophy Stand, the only thing that can stop the Dark Cannon.

(They get off their Horses)

Spitz: The Dark Cannon? Wait, that's what the Wolf and his Friends told us about. Well they said something about the Dark Cannon, Dimentio was going to use the Dark Cannon to end the world in three days. I can't make any sense of it.

(Mario and Luigi heard for what he Said)

Mario: Friday? We knew that was suspicious. There's no time to lose, we must find Vitruvius and get to Dimentio's Castle before it's too late!

(They ran off even Spitz and 9-Volt)

9-Volt: Okay. How scary can someone's Castle would be like?

Spitz: Don't know, but we gonna find out.

Meet Virtruvius

At Dimentio Tower 

Dimentio: So. You let them Escape. 

Wolf: Yes. 

Dimentio: Well, that's seem Unfortunate. But they won't destroy the Dark Cannon. And look at all my Collection. (He pick a an Orb) This one is a Pitfall did want to try? 

Wolf: No. 

Dimentio: Okay. (He put it back) This time I want you to find all the Master Brawler and Eliminated them all 

Leon: What! There's no way we should killed them! 

Panther: He's right, We cannot killed them all. 

Dimentio: Well, I have no choice but to do it. 

Wolf: What do you mean "To do it"? 

Dimentio: This. (He snap his Finger) 

(And then The Star Wolf's team got their Head hurt from him) 

Dimentio: You better captured them all. 

Wolf: We can't. 

(And then it make their Head Hurt Harder) 

Dimentio: Do it right now. 

Wolf: Okay, you win. 

Dimentio: Good. Now go out there and find them. 

(They walk off) 


(Spitz and Their Friends are heading to the Saloon) 

Mario: Alright, Just act like a Stool, Okay. 

9-Volt: Okay, (He Burst out of the Door) Howdy, Everybody! 

Spitz: 9-Volt, Stool doesn't talk.

9-Volt: Come sit with me. 

Luigi: Stool don't talk (He pick 9-Volt up again and want back to the Door) Okay, ssh. Let me show you how it's done. 

(He and Brother open the Door and they are acting Stool even Spitz) 

Cowboy 5: What a Lone Wolf's. 

(They are lookin for someone and they saw Virtruvius playing the Piano) 

Mario: There he is. (They walk up to him) Virtruvius is us. 

Virtruvius: Who are you? Have I met you before? 

Luigi: It's us. 

Virtruvius: I cannot see. I'm a Blind man 

Mario: It's Mario and Luigi.

Virtruvius: Mario and Luigi? Are you Luigi Little Brother and Mario big Brother. 

Luigi: Why didn't he Know, That Mario is my Big Brother. 

Virtruvius: Oh! Wait, wait. Are you the student I used to have who was to find the Trophy Stand? 

Luigi: No, No, no. 

Virtruvius: First, the Star Warrior.

Mario: Ssh. Virtruvius: Then Donkey Kong. That Giant Ape. 

Luigi: Whatever.  

Virtruvius: Then Marth... 

Mario: Ss-sh. Okay. Okay. 

Virtruvius: Then Mr Game and Watch. 

Luigi: Alright! He's! 

(Virtruvius stop playing the Piano) 

Virtruvius: Meet me upstair in Ten Second. 

(He walk off and got his head hit from a Pole)

10 Second Later.   

(After they take off their Cowboys Clothes, They went upstairs and saw his Room full of Collectible stuff)

Spitz: Wow. How many did you have? 

Virtruvius: Long time ago. 

Mario: Virtruvius, we found the Trophy Stand. 

Virtruvius: Really? 

Luigi: Yes. 

Virtruvius: Mario, Luigi. The prophecy states that you are the Heroes. The embodiment of good, foiler of evil, the most talented, most brilliant, most important person in the universe. 

Luigi: That was nice but.. Spitz and 9-Volt is the one who found it.

Virtruvius: Oh. Spitz, 9-Volt. The prophecy states that you are the Heroes, The most talented... 

Mario: There's a problem here. They are not the Heroes and they are not the Master Brawler. Spitz, do you any Gadget? 

Spitz: I have a Bazooka... But I left it back home. 

Luigi: Any Vehicles?

Spitz: I have a Taxi... But is back in Diamond City. 

Mario: Do you have a Weapon? 

Spitz: Well, I have a Wrench with me. But I don't know how to fight.

Mario: Okay. What about you 9-Volt? 

9-Volt: I don't know how to Fight, but I have is my Game boy Micro.

Mario: See. They can't do it. They won't be the Master Brawler. 

Virtruvius: Of course not, not if you keep telling them they can't. They needs to see that they can. (He walk toward them out his hand against them)

Spitz: What are you doing? 

Virtruvius: We are entering your Minds. 

Both: What!? 

Virtruvius: To prove that you have to unlock the potential to be a Master Brawler. 

(Mario, Luigi and Virtruvius start bowing and moving around Spitz and 9-Volt until then they have finally made it into their minds which is a vast empty space) 

Spitz: Whoa! Are we inside our Minds? It look so Empty. 

Virtruvius: Looks like your Minds doesn't have your own Adventures. 

Mario: You're right. And even though he and his Friends doesn't have their own Adventures outside of Diamond City. 

Spitz: You sure. But I have my own Adventures. You see this, Dribble and I met a Mermaid. And we are flying through the space. And we Help Orbulon. And take an alien to Tomorrow Hill. After that, me and Dribble are gonna have party at my House, even my Friends though. And not everybody could fit my Couch. So I have to Build! A Double Decker Couch.

Mario: I don't know why would he want to build that for.

Virtruvius: Let me handle this. That idea is just.. The worst. What about you 9-Volt? 

9-Volt: Well, after I play my Video games with my Best friend. We are gonna have a Party with my Boombox. But it's not enough for everybody. So I want to have a Giant Boombox.

Virtruvius: Okay.. This is ridiculous. There must be something around here that proves their potential. If Master Hand chose them to the Heroes, there must be a reason.

Spitz: Who's the Master Hand? 

Luigi: See. He doesn't know who's the Master Hand is. 

Spitz: You mean that Giant Hand that grab me? It has a White Glove.

(They heard for what he said) 

Mario: Wait. You've seen the... Master Hand?

Spitz: Well, Yeah. After I touch the Trophy Stand, I have a weird dream. Well, I...I mean I wasn't asleep, so it wasn't really dream... 

Virtruvius: Spitz, you have a Vision.

Spitz: I Did? 

Virtruvius: Master Brawlers spend years training themselves to clear their minds enough to have even a fleeting glimpse of The Master Hand. And yet, your minds is already so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place. With proper training you could become a great Master Brawler even you 9-Volt. 

9-Volt: We Could? 

Virtruvius: The Prophecy chose you two. Spitz: But we don't know how to Fight.

Virtruvius: All you have to do is to believe, then you will see everything. Are you ready, my sons? 

Spitz: Yes, We are. I think? 

Virtruvius: Then we haven't a moment to lose. We must assemble the Master Brawler.

Chase in the Old West

(Two Cowboy are still in the Saloon, and then the Star Wolf's team has Appeared) 

Wolf: Have you Two seen these Boys. (He show them the Picture to them)

Cowboy 6: Don't know who they are. 

Wolf: (Sigh) (He draw something on the Picture and show it to them again) Like this? 

Both: (Gasp) 

Back to Virtruvius Room 

Virtruvius: These mechanical birds will get our message out. They will go to an internet cafe and email the remaining Master Brawler who will meet us in the secret world Dreamland.

Spitz: Dreamland? 

9-Volt: Wait, what happened to that whole training part? 

Virtruvius: Don't worry you Two, You're training begins now.

(Then they heard the Door knock)

Sheriff: Piano Man! Open up! 

Virtruvius: You're training will begin Later. 

(He use the Ladder and they went up to the roof)

Mario: We better get out of here. 

Panther: Not so Fast, Turkeys!

(They saw the Star Wolf's even the Robots)

Wolf: All we want is the Trophy Stand.

Luigi: We would rather the died than give it to you! 

9-Volt: We... Would not rather die.

Leon: Look everybody we can do this the easy way or we can do it... 

Virtruvius: RUN! (They jump to another Rooftops and run)

Leon: They took the Hard Way! Get them! 

(The Robots is Blasting them with their Laser Gun, But The Heroes has Dodge their Laser) 

Mario: Where is Drealand? 

Virtruvius: Above the Sky where you see the Star. 

Spitz: You mean the Galaxy? 

Virtruvius: Yes, that's right. 

Luigi: We need to get out of here! we should use this Cart. 

(They are riding on a Mine Car) 

9-Volt: I don't know what I'm doing but... I'm freaking out!

All: (Scream)  

Panther: See ya. (He blast the Mine cart with his Laser Gun) 

(Then they landed on a Water tank and they landed to the Ground) 

Spitz: Oh Boy! Those Horses are kinda Angry! (They are running away from them. Mario and Luigi are searching something) 

Mario: Boys! Get away from those Horses, Me and Brother are going to find the Wagon. And we can use your help. 

9-Volt: Mario! I think you need our Help!

(They saw a Robot with a Gatling Gun, they are going near that Robot. But Mario and Luigi ram the robot with a Wagon) 

Mario: Hop on!

(They jump on the Wagon and they rode off. And they saw the Robots chasing them) 

Mario: Oh No! They are chasing us! Virtruvius do something. 

Virtruvius: Let Spitz and 9-Volt do it. 

Spitz: But we're not very good in Fighting!

9-Volt: And I'm too young to fight. 

Virtruvius: That's okay, we'll start with how to become a Master Brawler. Step one; trust your instincts. (Spitz found a Fire flower lying on the Wagon) 

Spitz: I found a Flower. What should I do? 

Luigi: Fight them! Fight them! 

Spitz: Oh, Yeah.

(He aim at the Robots and the fire flower began to slewing at Them, but they avoid it) 

Virtruvius: Unless your instincts are terrible. 

(Just then the sheriff starts shooting at them and suddenly a wheel comes off their Wagon as they're heading towards the edge of a cliff)

9-Volt: No, the wheel! 

(The Wagon got out of Control, and they are heading to the Cliff) 

Luigi: We can't control it. 

Spitz: What should we do?!

Virtruvius: Spitz, we need to attach the wheel to something that spins around. 

Spitz: Um.... 

Virtruvius: We need to attach the wheel to something that spins around. We need to attach the wheel to something that spins around. We need to attach the wheel to something that spins around...something that spins around....spins around... spins around...

(Spitz got an Idea he use the glue in his Backpack and he put it on the Wheel) 

Mario: Spitz. What are you doing. 

(Spitz put the Wheel on the Wagon) 

Spitz: Do it! 

Mario: Hope this works. 

(Just as they reach the edge of the cliff Mario and Luigi manages to turn and avoid going down, but the robots go over the edge and explode as they hit the ground)

Mario: Wow. You actually did it Spitz. 

Spitz: Thank you. (He saw the Train coming as an engine blows its whistle, hauling its coal tender, and lots of heavy freight cars) Train!

(The Wagon crashes into the train cars, making the Heroes jump up into the air, which makes Spitz get his Wrench back and then they all land on top of the freight cars of the train) 

Luigi: Oh no! 

Mario: Uh-oh.

Leon: Get off my Train!

Both: Run! 

(The Heroes start running across the train toward the engine as Star Wolf's chases after them, as Wolf aims to shoot at them Spitz jumps in front of Mario to save him)

Spitz: Mario!

(He got hit and Yell in Pain)

Luigi: They gonna ram us. Quick, quick, quick! Give me that part! Build a ramp!

(As the Star Wolf heads toward them with their Ship they crashes into the ramp and falls off the train but manages to avoid crashing to the ground as his vehicle transforms into a Tank and they heads back up)

Mario: What the heck?! 

Wolf: Rest in Pieces. (They shot the Bridge into Pieces)

Mario: Oh No! (The train derails and starts falling down as the engine, its coal tender, and several freight cars plummet into the river) 

9-Volt: What do we do!

(They plummet toward a chasm with crocodiles below everything becomes slow motion and Mario looks at Spitz) 

Mario: Hey, thanks for saving my life back there. Even if, you know, eventually it turned out to be pointless.

Spitz: Well, for what it's worth, this has been about the greatest fifteen minutes of my life.

(They are gonna hold Hand but they got Save from a Flying Race Car) 

Leon: Huh?

Panther: What The?

Wolf: Is that. 

(The person who save them is Captain Falcon)

Falcon: Relax, Everybody I'm here.

9-Volt: Captain Falco! Awesome! Can you make you symbol into a Raven?

Captain Falcon: I don't want that. I only want Falcon.. And even Phoenix that I like. 

9-Volt: Okay.

Luigi: Is so good to see you old Friend.

Spitz: Old Friend? 

Mario: Oh, I forgot Spitz, 9-Volt this is Captain Falcon. Falcon this Spitz and 9-Volt.

Falcon: Nice to meet you. 

Spitz: If he's your old friends. Then how did you met? 

Luigi: It's actually a funny story. Right, Fal...?

(They saw him jump off to the Star Wolf's tank) 

Wolf: You again. 

Falcon: Pleasure to meet you guys.

(They began to fight and after that, Falco destroyed their Vehicles and left)

Wolf: We'll get you Captain Falcon! 

Spitz: Do you know where he went? 

Falcon: I'm over here. (He appear at the Backseat) 

9-Volt: Whoa! How did you get here. 

Falcon: Teleporting Watch. (He show it to him) 

Spitz: Wow. I wish I could have that on my GPS Watch. 

Falcon: Alright. Let's go to Dreamland.

Spitz: But Dreamland is so Far away from the Galaxy.

Falcon: Don't worry, I should use the Warpspeed. (He push the Button and they went on Warpspeed to the Sky)

Arrived in Dreamland

(After the Warpspeed they finally made it to the Popstar)

Spitz: Is this Dreamland? 

Virtruvius: Yes. And this Planet called Popstar. A wonderful Planet her in Dreamland. They have Warp star, Enemies, Food, Gourmet Race. Locations and.... 

(They saw a Monster) 

9-Volt: And Monster!? 

Virtruvius: Yes, that too. Once we arrive at Cappy town, we'll raise an army of Master Brawler.

Falcon: Yeah, Yeah, anyway. You guys gotta check out these new subwoofers I installed in the back, I call them "The Dogs." Listen to them bark! 

(He turn on the Radio and it was too Loud) 

Falcon: This one is my Favorite song!

Spitz: It's too Loud for us!

Mario: I know it was too Loud for us. But Falco is tough he's Heroic and Brave.

Spitz: Well, we're Heroic and Brave!

9-Volt: Yeah! (And then saw they saw a Castle)

Spitz: Guys look! A Castle.

(They finally made it to Cappy town and they approach to the Gate) 

Waddie Doo: Who goes there?

Virtruvius: Is us.

Waddie Doo: Come right in.

(They open the Gate and they saw all the People from their World. Mario and Luigi saw Peach Toad and Yoshi)

Mario: Peach! Toad! Yoshi!

Peach: Mario! Your Okay, even you Luigi.

Toad: Thank Goodness your save.

Yoshi: Yoshi.

Luigi: Um.. Where's Daisy? 

Peach: She's on vacation she'll be Back.

Luigi: Okay.

9-Volt: Guys. Who's that pink Marshmallow? 

(They saw a Pink Marshmallow and it was Kirby)

Mario: Kirby! Is so good to see you. 

Kirby: Poyo. 

Spitz: You know him? 

Luigi: Yes, long time ago. Kirby, can you take us to Dedede Castle? 

(Kirby nod at Him mean yes and they follow him) 

9-Volt: Kirby is such a nice Guy.

Virtruvius: Yes he is.

(They saw Captain Falcon not walking cause of those Waddle Dee's)

Falcon: I don't like this place.

(After that they went to Dedede Castle and they saw all the Master Brawler's here) 

9-Volt: Wow, there are A lot of Heroes here. 

Spitz: And it's that Megaman?

(He saw Megaman and he look so Annoyed because of Link)

Spitz: Looks like he's not happy from Link. I wish my Friends were here.

?????: Well think again Spitz, we are here.

(He heard from Someone and it was Dribble, 18-Volt, Ashley, Red, Young Cricket, Dr. Crygor, Jimmy. T, Orbulan, Kat, Ana, Mona and Wario) 

Spitz: Dribble! 

9-Volt: 18-Volt!

Spitz: You all here! But why?

Young Cricket: Wario told us to come with us to Planet Popstar so we are here. 

9-Volt: Okay. But what about the Letter that send it to us? 

Dr. Crygor: You see this. We wrote the Letter to you so you can come with us, So we send a Letter to you.

Spitz: Okay, But why did you abandon us?

Dribble: We didn't Abandon you. Wario just force us to come with him, So we left Diamond City and Abandon you, because we didn't find you. 

Spitz: Okay. And we are so happy to see you guys again. Even you Wario, you were a friend to us. 

Wario: Friend to you? Oh. Well. I should tell you the truth. I don't want to be friends with you guys, I just use you all to earn some Money for me. 

All: WHAT!?!? 

Wario: Yeah, the reason why I became friends with you guys. Is because that I want to have Some Money for me to get Rich. So I have all the Money.

Ashley: So you use us for Nothing!?

Wario: Yeah.

(They are looking Angry at Wario, and they are gonna beat him. But Mario and Luigi stop them) 

Mario: Guys. Is no time to fight on Wario, Okay. We have to meet the Master Brawler's Alright? 

All: (Sigh) Fine. 

Luigi: Good. Let'sa Go.

(They went inside the Castle and they saw all the Master Brawler here in the Room)

Virtruvius: My fellow, Master Brawler. Including not limited to: Link, Marth, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Meta-Knight, Sonic, Ness and even Zelda. We have learned that Dimentio plans to unleash a fully-weaponized Dark Cannon on Friday, to end the world as we know it. (the Master Brawler express their shock and outrage) Please, calm yourselves down. Rosalina, Ash, Pikachu, Red, Snake, ROB, Bowser Jr and Koopaling. There is yet one hope, the Heroes has arisen.

(They all looking at Spitz and 9-Volt)

Spitz: I think I got it.

9-Volt: And I have a question... Tell me the whole thing again I wasn't listening.

Mario: Oh Boy.

Lucas: Well. Can you step forward?

Virtruvius: Yes, Ness.

Lucas: My name is Lucas not Ness.

Virtruvius: Really? I thought your Friend's name is Lucas.

Ness: My name is Ness.

Virtruvius: Nestle?

Ness: No! My name is Ness and that Lucas.

Virtruvius: I really need to stop eating those Butterfingers. Ah, we gotta write all that down cause I'm not gonna remember any of it, but here we go. The Heroes will now give an eloquent speech. (Everyone stares at Spitz and 9-Volt who looks silently around the room) Go ahead, you two. You've got to.

Spitz: Okay.

​(They walks up to the platform and waves to everyone)

Spitz: Hello, I'm Spitz.

9-Volt: And I'm 9-Volt... I'm just gonna coming right out. I have no idea what's going on. At all.

Spitz: And that one on my Backpack is the Trophy Stand. Thank you. Well, uh...we know that we for one are very excited to work with you guys. To get into the Dimentio's Castle, find the Dark Cannon and put the Trophy Stand on the Dark Cannon! And I know it's going to be really hard, but...

Fox: Really Hard? You  should know they those Robot who was working with Dimentio has Kidnapped my friend Krystal.

Spitz: I'm so sorry. And what is your name?

Fox: The name is Fox McCloud. And I'm the Leader of the Star Fox.

Spitz: Star fox? Wait did you know Wolf who was the Leder of the Star Wolf's?

Fox: Yes. He's my Rival.

9-Volt: Oh, Okay. And we need to tell you all... We are not a Master Brawler.

All: (Gasp)

Fox: What?!

Spitz: Yes, it's true. We may not be a Master Brawler. We may not have a lot of experience fighting or leading or coming up with plans, or having ideas in general. In fact, We're not all that Strong. And We're not what you'd call a fighter type. Plus, generally unskilled. Also, scared and cowardly. We know what you're thinking, "he is the least qualified person in the world to lead us." And you are right.

Bowser: That was suppose to make us Better!

Spitz: What? No! That not we're talking about.

Lucas: You Coward!

Ness: Wing nut!

Fox: You'll on you own! Cause me and my Teams are leaving.

(They went to their Ship and Leave)

9-Volt: Why are you leaving us!?

Meta-Knight: If your not a Warrior or a Fighter. Then I'm leaving.

(He left the room)

Luigi: Meta-Knight!

Spitz: Come on! Guys! We can still do this! (The Master Brawler start throwing things at Spitz and 9-Volt) Right?

Marth: They're are not a Hero like us!

Falcon: Well, you were right about them, being a Dork.

Sonic: You're a huge Disappointed.

Zelda: Get out of here!

(Spitz and 9-Volt walk off and look attp their friends)

Spitz: (Sigh) Well, at least it can't get any worse.

(Suddenly a Cannonball is thrown into the Room)

Spitz: I was wrong!

(And another Cannonball has thrown to the Room)

Bowser: Who's shooting Cannonball at Us!?

(And after that, it was the Star Wolf's Team even the Robots who has arrived in Dreamland)

Wolf: Breakthrough. Is the Star Wolf's.

9-Volt: Oh Boy.

Escape Dreamland

Spitz: Whoa! How did they find us!?

Virtruvius: Go! Run! Come on, everyone! Protect this vessel!

Link: What's that on his Backpack!?

(Spitz look at his Backpack and he saw a Tracking Device)

Marth: Is a Tracking Device!

Lucas: You let them straight to us!

9-Volt: Wait! It wasn't our Fault.

Falcon: You are the worst Leader ever. To my Ship! (He saw his Ship got Blown up from the Robots) Dang it.

Olimar: To my Rocketship! (He saw his Rocketship got blown up from the Robots) Dang it.

Falcon: Every man for Himself!

Megaman: We have to save the Town! Let's do it!

(He is charging his Blaster and aim to Wolf's Ship, after that it didn't hit on his Ship)

Megaman: What the!

Wolf: This thing is Laser-Proof! Machine Gun! Fire!

(They aim it to Megaman and he got Stuck from the Super Sticky Glue)

Megaman: I can't move!

Link: Don't worry, I'll save you.

Megaman: No! Don't!

(Link is going to help him but got his foot stuck from the Glue)

Link: Oh Dear, my foot got stuck. (And then he got his hand Stuck) My hand is stuck as well.

Megaman: I really hate you.


(Mario, Luigi and Virtruvius is Fighting those Robot, Except Spitz and 9-Volt, they are hiding behind the bench)

Mario: Falcon! Help us!

Falcon: I said every man for himself.

Luigi: Your our friend, so help us!

Falcon: Aaaah...Fine! Fine, fine, fine. (reluctantly he goes to their aide and fights off the robots) Fine. Fine. Fine...

Spitz: You need a better attitude.

Falcon: I have my Attitude!

(Falcon takes off the trackin device on Spitz's Backpack and throw it to the robot)

Robot: Ow!

(Wolf and his team pick up Spitz's Tracker)

Panther: We found him!

Wolf: Let's get him and his Friend!

(They went to the north side and found the Robot who has a Tracking Device)

Wolf: What the!? Where are they!?


(Spitz and Their Friends are hiding from The Star Wolf's)

Virtruvius: We have to leave!

Mario: What about our friends?

Virtruvius: They got captured see!

(They saw his Friends got captured from the Robots)

Spitz: Not Dribble ad the Others!

Kirby: Poyo!

9-Volt: We need to leave Dreamland!

Olimar: Hi, I'm Captain Olimar, but you can call me Olimar, I can build a Hovercar.

Luigi: We can't you know there are A lot of Robots here.

Olimar: Oh, I guess we don't build a Hovercar.

Spitz: Maybe we should Build a Rocketship.

Mario: That's right Spitz! We should Build a Rocketship! Okay you guys, Me and Luigi are gonna Build a Rocketship and you guys are find those Part for us, Okay.

All: Okay!

Kirby: Poyo!

All: Ready! Set! Go!

9-Volt: Wait for me you guys!

(They are building a Rocketship, and Spitz and 9-Volt are giving them the Part)

Spitz: Do you guys want this one?

Virtruvius: Yes, and you two need to build something. You two must embrace for what a Hero can do.

Both: (Gasp)

(They look at the Wrench and a Hammer and they got an Idea)

Leon: Don't let them escape!

Mario: The Rocket is Finish! Get in!

(They went inside the Rocket and they blast off to Space)

Wolf: Drat they Escape!

(All the Master Brawler even Spitz and 9-Volt's Friends got captured and taken as Prisoners)

Dribble: I cannot believe they Captured us. But at least Spitz and his Friends are Okay.

18-Volt: Hope they will save us soon.


(At the Rocket Ship they saw Dreamland got take over from the Robots)

Kirby: (Sob) Poyo.

Spitz: I'm so sorry Kirby. Why don't you sit down from my Couch, maybe that will make you feel better.

Kirby: Poyo. 

(He sit down the Couch and it was a Double Decker Couch)

Falcon: What the heck is that?

Spitz: (He look down) It's a double decker couch, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but I now realize it's not super helpful. But it does, you know, it has cup holders, seats flip up with coolers underneath.

Falcon: I don't know why that you wan to build that for? And what is that again?

(He point at the Giant Boombox)

9-Volt: (Sigh) Is a Giant Boombox that I made. It have some music and some Space helmets inside the Boombox.

Falcon: You are so disappointing on so many levels.

Virtruvius: Why is everything look so red?

Luigi: Huh?

(They heard the Alarm sound that mean they are heading to Asteroid)

Olimar: We're heading to the Asteroid!

Luigi: Aah! We are goners!

Mario: We have to move the Ship.

(He is going to move the Ship, but is on fire)

Spitz: Aah! Fire!

Mario: Spitz! 9-Volt!

Both: Mario!

Mario: Everyone! We have to get out of-

(The Rocketship got Exploded from the Asteroid, But the Giant Boombox and the Double Decker Couch has survive from the Explosion)

Wolf: Robots! What going on down there?

Robot 2: Scanning Rocketship Wreckage! No survivors detacted.

Leon: Spaceman! Dredged the Entire Galaxy. We have got to find the Trophy Stand.

(The spacemen are going to find the Trophy stand)

Panther: Let's get all the Prisoner to Dimentio and give him the good new, the Heroes are no More.

10 Minutes Later

Dimentio: Ah, Megaman, Ness and Lucas, I'd have no ldea you'd be here. Peach, Toad and Yoshi greeting all, welcome to your Think tank.

(Everybody got so Shock to see all the Master Brawler)

Megaman: All the Master Brawler you've Captured over the years. You brought them here?

Dimentio: That's right, You're a very perceptive person, Megaman. They come up with all my Plans for everything in the universe. Robots!

(They them in the Chair and strap them)

Megaman: No! No!

(Then their chair shoot up to the top)

Megaman: Can't get much worst then this.

?????: Uh... Hi there.

(He look right next to him and it was Link)

Link: It's Link. And Oh my Gosh, we are roomate! How crazy is that!

Megaman: Can someone shut him up?

Dimentio: Okay! Except those Guys from Diamond City put them in the Cage except Wario.

(They put them in the Cage and they put Wario to the Strap chair and shoot him up the the Top)

Dimentio: Woh, woh, woh, woh. Where is the Heroes?

Wolf: The Heroes and the Trophy Stand are in the Cold vacuum of Space.

Dimentio: (Angrily) What! Are you telling me you don't have them?

Leon: Sir, the Spaceman are going to find their Remain as we speak.

Dimentio: Star Wolf! They could be alive! And even the Trophy Stand is still out there!

Panther: The only remanent of the Heroes was a double decker couch and a giant boombox.

Dimentio: Wait, hold up. A Double Decker Couch and a Giant Boombox?

Wolf: Yes.

Dimentio: Really? So it's like a bunk bed couch? Is that what it's like? That's weird. If you're sitting in the top middle, how are you gonna get down without climbing over someone? If you're sitting on the bottom, and you're watching TV, are you gonna have to watch through a bunch of dangling legs? Who's gonna want to sit on the bottom? It is literally the most useless idea I have ever heard. And for the Giant Boombox, is like a Giant Speaker for the Band? I mean seriously, why would they want to build such a Thing?

Spitz's Plan

(The Giant Boombox and The Double Decker Couch are still floating in Space, until then Spitz and Their Friends has comes under the Seat. 9-Volt and Olimar has come out of the Boombox)

Virtruvius: Well, we're still alive.

Mario: That-a Giant Boombox and that Double Decker Couch wasn't that useless after all.

Olimar: Those two things are still okay.

Virtruvius: I believe in Spitz and 9-Volt.

Falcon: I don't mean to spoil the party, but does anyone else notice we're stuck in the middle of the Galaxy on this couch and the boombox? I mean, it's not like a big ship is just gonna come out of nowhere and save us. (suddenly a big ship has comes over to them) My, gosh!

(A Mechanical arm just grab the Giant Boombox and the Double Decker Couch into the Ship)

Fox: Hey, you guys.

Olimar: Fox, Slippy, Falco, Peppy? I thought you said we were a lost cause?

Fox: Well, we can't leave you guys behind from Dimentio.

Falcon: Well, it's kinda hard for you to leave Dreamland.

Falco: And for the Double Decker Couch and the Giant Boombox. We watched Dimentio's forces completely overlook it. Which means we need more ideas like it!

Both: Really! Do yo mean it!?

Falco: No, that idea of your  is so dumb and bad that no one would ever think that they could possibly be useful.

Both: (Look down) Aww.

Virtruvius: So, Heroes, what should we do?

Spitz:  Uh...well, what's the last thing Dimentio expects Master Brawlers will do?

Mario: Use a Hammer?

Virtruvius: Kill a Chicken?

Falcon: Give him a Falcon Kick

Kirby: Poyo?

Olimar: Build a Rocketship.

Fox: Blast him with a Laser.

Spitz: No. We shoild using my Blueprint I made! (He show the Blueprint to them)

All: (Disappoint Sigh)

9-Volt: No. Now, listen. Wait, listen. Guys, you're all so Strong and Talented, but you can't work together as a team. I'm just a Gamer.

Spitz: And I'm a Taxi Driver, but when we had a plan and we were working together, we could see many world. Now you're Master Brawler, just imagine what could happen if you did that. You could save the universe.

Virtruvius: Well said, you two, week said.

Both: Really

Peppy: It will be a fine Speech.

Spitz: Okay. Somebody, get me some markers! Some construction paper! And some glitter glue! (Spitz stands in front of the Blueprint he's drawn) I call this, "Spitz's Plan" I've do back in the city. If we could just get in there, I know where all the air ducts and wiring are located. I can get us anywhere.

Virtruvius: So how can we get there.

Spitz: Spaceship, that we were in. But we have to Disguise it like the Star Wolf's.

Fox: But Dimentio's Castle is so far away.

Falcon: And according to your Blueprint this ship needs a hyperdrive. We don't have that part.

Olimar: Maybe we should find one.

Falcon: What do you think, a spaceship's just gonna appear out of the blue? (suddenly a spaceship appears behind them) That was Quick!

(The Millennium Falcon shows up and stops next to Star fox Ship)

Han Solo: Chewie, we're supposed to be half way to Naboo for a sweet party right now. This hyperdrive keeps malfunctioning, taking us to loser systems like this.

C-3PO: Captain Solo, we must go. You know how perturbed I get if we are not punctual.

Han Solo: Droid's right. Let's roll!

Lando: Now, hold on, Han. That pink puffball is so Cute, maybe I should have one.

Kirby: Poyo?

Luigi: Um... Kirby have Friends you know.

Mario: That's right he is.

Falcon: Do you have room for one guy?

Mario: Huh?

Landa: If he's a cool guy like us.

9-Volt: You're trying to bail on us?

Falcon: I'm not trying to-

Luigi: Falcon, how could you?

Falcon: That thing is filled with bon vivants.

Spitz: You speak French?

Falcon: Guys, look, if this friendship is ever gonna work between us, I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it. 

Mario: What? Falcon?

Falcon: I'll call you soon.

(He went to their Ship)

Han Solo: Where did you get that Helmet? Oh, well, it's party time.

(They left to the Galaxy, Mario and Luigi look so Sad)

Spitz: Mario, Luigi. You two are good People , and you know, if Falcon can't see that then he's just...well, he's just as Cool as a guy who's won't stopped dancing. And I'm gonna tell you something, Falcon is the worst person I've ever met.

?????: Does anyone need a Hyperdrive?

(They behind them and it was Falcon with the Hyperdrive)

Both:  Falcon!

9-Volt: Falcon your Here.

Spitz: We knew it! We knew it.

Mario: You really had us there.

Falcon: Those guys were so lame. All they did was play space checkers, plus it turns out that hairy one's a dude, and the metal one too, all dudes.

Slippy: But won't they Notice that there Hyperdrive is Missing?


Han Solo: Come on, Chewie! Hit the Hyperdrive!

(Their Ship has Stop and suddenly the spaceship got eaten by an asteroid worm)

Back to the Heroes

Falcon: Nah, they'll be fine.

(The group work together to disguise the Ship)

Spitz: Okay, we have to put the Black one to the Unit over at the... Kirby! You were supposed to follow the Blueprint.

Kirby: Poyo.

Mario: Oh, this give me the Jeebeeze.

Falcon: What should I do with this... You know what Forget it.

(After that they finish Disguise the Ship)

Spitz: Okay, we pilot the ship to the service entrance so we can get past to the dangerous, but also kind of cool, Laser Gate.

Robot: Who are you to see?

Falcon: I'm here to see your Butt.

Robot: Why do you want to see... (Falcon punch his Robot Part) Oh my Gosh!

Both: (Laugh)

(Olimar push the button and then the Gate has Open)

Spitz: Alright, we go inside and Disguise ourselves like those Robots. Now, Slippy, Olimar, Falco and Peppy will sneak their way into the Master Control room.

(They use the Disguise so no one now is was them, and they finally reach to the Master Control room)

Falco: We're here.

Peppy: Alright, let's do this.

Spitz: Once inside they'll use their technical know-how to disable the Dark Cannon shield.

Slippy: Cool! A Talking Computer!

Olimar: Please disable the Shield.

Computer: Of course. There are no movies in your area with that title.

Falco: Oh Boy.

Spitz: And then Vitruvius will provide lookout to make sure we're not being followed.

(Vitruvius looks through the binoculars, but as he's blind he's unaware that he's standing in front of a wall)

Virtruvius: Okay.

Spitz: So, Falcon, Fox and Kirby will go into the Throne Room to make one last change to Dimentio's plan.

Dimentio: We'll move that we Turn everybody into a Trophy to the universe. Could I get a second on that?

(Someone Burst out of the Door and it was Captain Falcon who was in a Disguise as Bruce Wayne)

Falcon: I second. Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

(Back at the Ship before Infiltrate Dimentio's Caste)

Falcon: Bruce Wayne? Who is he? He sound like a Cool guy.

In Dimentio Castle

Fox: I'm Jake the Fox. We'd like to invest in your Castle. Your weapon to control the universe sounds super sweet, I must say.

Dimentio: It is indeed super sweet.

Falcon: Cool! What kind of sound system does it have?

Dimentio: Uh...sound system? Well, I mean, we have a Music in my Castle called... Boy Band.

Fox: Wait a second. You're telling me that you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes and surround sound?

Falcon: Seriously!

In the Think Tank Room

Robot: Listen up, we need new Blueprint for a speaker system for the TAKO.

Ness: We'll never help...!

(Suddenly they began to get Electrocuted from the Chair and they all start coming up with the Blueprint)

Ness: Whatever you say!

Spitz: Then once the Blueprint are printed, Mario, Luigi, 9-Volt and I will enter the Dark Cannon room to place the Trophy Stand on the Dark Cannon and save the universe.

(Back at the Meeting Plan, before they go to Dimentio's Castle)

Spitz: Woh, woh, woh. Hey, I didn't draw that. (He points to a drawing of him and 9-Volt exploding as they saves the universe) Is that us exploded?

Virtruvius: Uh...I didn't mention that earlier, when you two reunite the Trophy Stand with the Dark Cannon, it might explode everything in the Castle?

9-Volt: Including Us?

Virtruvius: Nope, not even you two.

Both: Phew.

Virtruvius: Just go on with that.

Infiltrate Dimentio's Castle

(Spitz and he's Friends are in the Control room in Disguise as a Security robot and have their Face painted like a Robot, Spitz looks in fear at the TAKO device and suddenly he trip himself)

Spitz: Ouch!

(The Robots look at them in Suspicious)

Robot: Who are you guys?

9-Volt: (Robot Voice) We are Security from Dimentio.

Robot: What?

Robot 2: Excuse me?

Spitz: (Robot Voice) Your voice sound awful, like a Human voice.

9-Volt: (Robot Voice) Give me a Break, I've never been a Robot Before.

Luigi: (Robot voice)What do you mean? You were always been a Robot.

(The Robots are ready to fight)

Mario: (Robot Voice) No, No, No, do not listen to him.

Robot: What are your Robot Serial number?

(the robots stare at them suddenly Spitz and 9-Volt starts humming the tune to"Everything is Awesome!" then they dances and turns)

Both: Everything is Awesome.

(The Robot back down)

Robot: No way. This is my Jam

Robot: This is also my Jam.

(All the Robot has began to Dance and Sing)

Robots: Everything is Awesoe! Everything is Cool.

(Spitz, 9-Volt and Luigi is Joining them to Dance except Mario)

Mario: I don't like that song.

(The Robots heard for what he Said, and they are gonna fight him)

Luigi: (Whisper) Mario!

Mario: Oh. Um... Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you're part of a team. Everything is awesome when you're living out a dream.

(The robots start heading in one direction, Spitz and his Friends quickly sneak away)

Spitz: Quick, let's go.

(After that they went inside the Vent)

Spitz: You don't have any music in your Life.

Mario: I like music except that One. Cause I don't like it.

Spitz: I see. I know you put on this tough act, but I don't think you're as mean as your trying to seem.

Mario: No, I'm not mean. What are you talking about?

9-Volt: We're just saying you were all, "they are not the Heroes, Vitruvius. They can't possibly be the Heroes ! This two, are you kidding me?" I don't think that's you, the real you, I mean.

Mario: Look, you two, We...we wanted it to be us, okay? I wanted to be the Heroes. And I know that sounds immature, it's just ever since I heard the prophecy we wanted to be the one for Peach and Daisy so we can Impressed them. We were right there in Diamond City, right on top of it, and turned out to be you two.

Spitz: That night in the city when you thought we were the Heroes...and you said we were the most talented and important, that was the first time anyone that ever told us that. And it made me wanna do everything we could to be the Heroes you were talking about.

Mario: That's nice.

(They take off their Disguise)

Luigi: Spitz, 9-Volt, I want you to forgive Wario.

Spitz: What? Why him? You know he use us.

Luigi: I know but... He look so Lonely without his Brother.

9-Volt: He's has a Brother? He never told us about him.

Mario: Looks like he doesn't want to talk to him anymore.

Spitz: Can you tell us about his Brother?

Mario: Yes, and he's name is Waluigi. He and Wario are good to each other they have some great Adventure, and having some good times together. But then they have a Fallen out.

9-Volt: Over what?

Mario: Waluigi wants to go America. But Wario wants to move to Diamond City, they have a Fight and well... they will never see each other again. Waluigi wants to call him, But Wario refuse it to answer the phone from him.

Spitz: So they never see each other. Did they miss each other?

Luigi: Well, Waluigi is... He miss his brother so much. He wants to call him back, but his Brother didn't answer the Phone.

Spitz: Wow, so Heartbroken to him.

Luigi: Spitz. You don't think that you and Dribble will end up like them?

Spitz: No? What do you mean end up like them?

Luigi: You see Wario and Waluigi are good to each other. But they got a Fight to each other for no reason. You don't think that you and Dribble would end up like them?

Spitz: No we won't, we are good to each other. Dribble is my Friend, and we are Partners, and we won't have a Fight to each other.

Mario: Spitz, that's so nice of you. But did your Parents told you something?

Spitz: Oh course. My Dad told me that I have to be Brave and have Courage, for me to be a Brave Cat. My Mum told me that I have to keep my Spirits up.

Luigi: That's very nice of you. So can you forgive Wario?

Spitz: Well... You said that Wario got a Fight to his Brother so.... Yes, we will.

Luigi: Good.

?????: What are you guys are talking.

All: Nothing.

(They look behind them and it was Captain Falcon)

Falcon: I thought I'd help you guys. Left Fox and that Puffball stall them.


Fox: So I said to my Girlfriend Do you have Number? And she said "I don't have a Phone number" And that's how I met her.

Robot: Good for you.

Kirby: Poyo?

Back to Spitz and his Friends

Spitz: There's the Star Wolf's team.

(They saw them at the Control room)

Mario: Okay. Wait for our Signal. Good luck, you two.

9-Volt: I guess this might be goodbye.

Luigi: We... We don't want to say that. But... Okay, Goodbye.

Spitz: Bye

(They left the vent)

Falcon: What should we do now.

Spitz: Falcon, when we get inside there's gonna be audio sensors everywhere. You have to be really, really quiet.

Falcon: I got this okay, and stop yelling at me.

Spitz: Fine. (He use his Walkie Talkie) Slippy, Peppy did you disabled the Shield?

Slippy: Not yet.

Computer: Downloading latest episode of "Pair of King''

Slippy: How long will they make a Movie?

(The Star Wolf's team are watching the Dark Cannon and then they got a phone call)

Wolf: This is the Star Wolf's team.

Mario: Hello. I am Dimentio's Assistance, he would like you to come to his room immediately.

Wolf: Copy that. Panther, Leon! We are going to see Dimentio.

(They left the Security room, Mario and Luigi is Hiding around the corner for them to leave, and the Door Close)

Mario: Okay. Let's do this.

Robot: Hey, who is that?

(Spitz, 9-Volt and Falcon saw Mario and Luigi fighting the Robots in the Security Room and they wave to Them)

9-Volt: That's the signal! But the Shield is still on?

Falcon: Let's Wing it.

(Spitz and 9-Volt are so confused for what he said)

Falcon: It's a Falcon Pun.

Spitz: (He use the Walkie-talkie again) Guys! The Shield is still on?

Back to Olimar and the Other

Olimar: Just a Minute. Disabled the Shield.

Computer: Searching for Albanian restaurants.

Peppy: We have time to eat! Disabled the Shield.

Computer: I don't understand what you mean.

Slippy: Disable the Shield!

9-Volt: Guys, is something wrong here?

Olimar: Disabled the Shield! Are you undermining at Us?

Computer: Which phrase would you like me to underline?

Peppy: Disabled the Shield!

Falco: Crying out loud for this one! Let me try. Please Disabled your Shield.

Computer: Disabled the Shield.

All: What!?

Plan Fail

(The Shield of the Dark Cannon has been Disabled, Spitz and 9-Volt are standing right next to it. Spitz take off his Backpack and 9-Volt is Helping him)

Spitz: Okay, in Let's do this.

(Just as Spitz and 9-Volt is about to attach the Trophy Stand to the Dark Cannon, and then The Star Wolf's team and their robots enter]

Spitz: MARIO!!!

9-Volt: LUIGI!!!

(Maro and Luigi is going to attack them but they got knocked out from the Stun Gun)

Both: Guys! (The Dark Cannon shield is then turned on again) No!

(The Robots has Surrounded Falcon and he rise his Hand)

Falcon: Great.

(Also Fox and Kirby got Captured too)

Fox: Oh No!

Kirby: Poyo!

(Back at the Control room, Olimar and the Other has been Captured too)

All: Oh Come on!

Back to Virtruvius

Virtruvius: Sneaking around the corner. (suddenly he falls to the ground flat on his face) Ouch.

Dimentio: Vitruvius, I see you've accidentally wondered into my Think Tank. And by the way, I found a few of your friends. By which I mean, all of them!

(He saw the Other got Captured and they got handcuff them)

Spitz: Sorry.

Dribble: Spitz! Thank goodness, you're Okay.

18-Volt: What a Relief. You're okay 9-Volt!

Dimentio: Acceptable work, Star Wolf's.

Wolf: No Problem.

Dimentio: Robots, destroy this old man at once.

Virtruvius: Did you say Old Man?

Dimentio: Yes, that's right.

Virtruvius: Well, clown face I really prefer the word "experienced!"

(Suddenly Vitruvius starts attacking the robots and manages to knock all of them out, all the captive Master Brawler are cheer to him)

Virtruvius Ha-ha! You see, You two. A corrupted spirit is no match for the purity of imagina... 

(Until then Dimentio blast his Dark magic to him, and then Virtruvius has been Defeated)


Spitz: Virtruvius?

Virtruvius: (Breath) Spitz, 9-Volt, come closer. You must know something about the prophecy.

Spitz: We know, we do our best. But We- We don't... We don't...

Virtruvius: The prophecy...I made it up.

Both: What?

All: (Gasp)

Virtruvius: I made it up. It was not True.

9-Volt: But that means we're just... We're not the Heroes?

Virtruvius: You must listen. What I'm about to tell you will change the course of history. 

(Just as he's about to speak the light in Vitruvius's eyes goes out and he dies)

Spitz: No.

(The Group looks visibly sad as they are led away by the robots)

Dimentio: Hey, not so Heroics anymore, huh?

(The robots strap each of the group into one of the Think Tank seats)

Dimentio: Well, guess what? No one ever told me I was a Hero. I never got a trophy just for showing up! I'm not some Heroic Hero.

(The robot grab Spitz and 9-Volt and straps thsm onto a battery]

Dimentio: Robots, bring me my Sword.

Robot: Yes, Sir.

(The Robots give him the Sword and he walk to Spitz and he remove his Backpack)

Dimentio: Must be weird, one minute you two were the most Heroic person in the universe. The next minute, you're Weak!

(Dimentio uses the Sword to cut the Trophy Stand from Spitz's backpack)

Dimentio: Oh, I have a nice spot for this in my relic room. (He throws Trophy stand out the window) Uh-oh, my mistake! There it goes!

Luigi: No!

Dimentio: Bye-bye, for ever!

(The Trophy Stand has fallen to the abyss)

Dimentio: Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do!  Release the Dark Cannon! Computer?

Computer: Yes, sir.

Dimentio: Set the electric shocker to three hundred Mississippi.

Comouter: On it.

Dimentio: Then terminate Everyone.

Computer: Got it.

Dimentio: Spitz, you are your Friends will have enough time to witness the first location to turn into a Trophy. Your hometown!

Spitz: No!

Orbulon: Not their Homes!

Ashley: You can't do that!

Dimentio: Star Wolf's, unfortunately I'm gonna have to leave you here to die.

Wolf: What! (He and his Friends got Surrounded from the Robot) But you-

Dimentio: It's not Personal. It's my Business, Ciao. (He snap his finger and he Disappeared)

Spitz and 9-Volt Sacrifice

Computer: Beginning zapping termination in 299 Mississippi, 298 Mississippi, 297 Mississippi, and so on

Wario: Well, this is great. We're all gona get Zapped. Thanks a lot, you two.

Mario: Wario! Just leave them alone.

Wario: Why! You know they mess up to save the World.

Luigi: We know. But you can't blame them for this.

Mario: My Brother is right. And even though your Brother Waluigi would be very disappointed to you.

Wario: I don't want to talk about my Brother!

Mona: Wario! How can you do this to you Brother?! He told me that he wants to say sorry to you, Why didn't you pick up the Phone?

Wario: I told you! I don't want talk about him anymore!

Mario: You have to talk about him!

Wario: I don't want to talk about him!

Ashley: Tell us!

Wario: No!

Cricket: Yes!

Wario: No!

Dr. Crygor: Tell us!

Wario: I won't!

(They began to argue and then Spitz has finally Snap)


Wario: Yikes! Why did you yelling at me for?

Spitz: Cause you acting like a Jerk!

Wario: I'm not.

Mario: He's right Wario, you are acting like a Jerk.

Luigi: We know that you are still Mad at your Brother, but you should really have to let go of the Past.

(Wario is looking sad and he began to cry)

9-Volt: Why are you mad at your brother?

Wario: Because he want to have an Adventures to America. But I want to build my own Company. And then we began to argue, why didn't I call him Back?! I feel so Guilty to him! (Crying)

Mario: Don't blame yourself. Maybe... Maybe you should call him back. Maybe you will forgive him.

Wario: Okay. 

Spitz: See Wario, you should say sorry to him. And though you have to say sorry to us for using us.

Wario: Okay, I will... After we got out of this Alive.

1 Minutes Later

(Dimentio's Aircraft has Finally Made it to Diamond City)

Dimentio: (On Screen) Attention Everybody. (They didn't listen to him) I said! Attention Everybody! (They got their attention to him) I am Dimentio from another Dimension. And I'm come here to take over the World and turn you guys into Trophy!

(They look so confused for what he said)

Dimentio: You don't get it don't you? Well, let me explain this. (He show his Robots to them with a Dark Cannon) My Robots will turn you guys into Trophy! Watch this.

(The Robot blast the The guy with a Dark Cannon and now he's turn into a Trophy)

Everybody: (Screaming and running for their Life's)

Dimentio: That's right! Run away! Run as fast as the Wind (Laugh)

Back at the Castle

(Spitz and 9-Volt look so Horrified on the screen)

Olimar: Spitz, 9-Volt. you''ll think of something, right? Like you always do.

Spitz: Didn't you hear him? The prophecy's made up. We're not the Heroes. To think for a moment we thought we might be.

?????: Spitz, 9-Volt.

9-Volt: Who there?

Virtruvius: It's me Virtruvius, and I am a didn't let me finish earlier because I died. The reason I made up the prophecy was because I knew that whoever found the Trophy stand could become the Heroes. Because the only thing anyone needs to be a hero is to believe that you can be. I know that sounds so Weird, but it's true. Look at what you did when you believed you were a Hero. You just need to believe it some more.

Spitz: But how can we just decide to believe that we are the Heroes, when we're not?

Virtruvius: Because the world depends on it. (He fade away)

Computer: Zapping termination in thirty-five Mississippi...

Both: What!?

Computer: Thirty-four Mississippi, thirty-three Mississippi, thirty-two Mississippi, thirty-one Mississippi, thirty Mississippi, twenty-nine Mississippi, twenty-eight Mississippi, twenty-seven Mississippi, twenty-six Mississippi, twenty-five Mississippi...

(Spitz and 9-Volt is gonna do something fast, or else their Friends even the Master Brawler will be Terminated. Spitz and 9-Volt saw the Window that Dimentio did, and they got an idea, it will risk their Life's for them, but they have do it. They manages to dislodge the battery from it's holding place and it make Spitz's Goggle broke a little bit, and 9-Volt has dropped his Game to the floor and rolls themselves with the battery toward the window)

Mario: Guys, what are you doing?

(They made it to the Window, and they saw the Abyss)

Both: Whoa!

9-Volt: That's one big Drop... Luigi!

Spitz: Mario! Is time for you guys to be the Hero!

Both: (Gasp) No!

Dribble: Spitz! Don't do this!

Spitz: I have to! Dribble, you will be in Charge!

18-Volt: 9-Volt! Don't jump off!

9-Volt: I need to! And you will play Video Game without me.

All: No!

Both: Goodbye!

Mario & Dribble: Don't!

(They jump off the Window and they scream)

Mario & Dribble: SPITZ!!!

Luigi & 18-Volt: 9-VOLT!!!

Computer: Five Mississippi, four Mississippi, three Mississippi, two Mississippi... (As Spitz and 9-Volt gets nearer to the abyss with the battery they strapped to snaps off) One Mississippi, zero. Mission error. Termination failure.

(As the detonation sequence deactivates the Master Brawler are freed from their captivity)

Both: Spitz!

Both 2: 9-Volt!

(They rush over to the edge of the Window and saw the Abyss)

All: No.

(Dribble is looking Spitz's Backpack)

Dribble: Spitz.

(18-Volt is looking at 9-Volt game)

18-Volt: 9-Volt.

Olimar: They... They save us.

Slippy: What should we do now?

Krystal: To have some Ideas?

Fox: Spitz got some Ideas.

Falco: If only there were more People like them.

(Mario and Luigi Realize something, they watch the Screen and saw all the People who has turn into a Trophy)

Mario: Maybe they will.

Luigi: Guys! Meet us downstairs in 10 Second!

Fight for Freedom

(At the Sound stage where they are filming "Where Are My Pants?")

Actor: Honey, where are my pants?

(Suddenly the Master Brawler even Wario and his friends has crush into the Sound stage)

Kirby: Poyo!

Dr. Crygor: hey, guess what? Found your pants! Series is over! (He throws the pants into the actors face and kicks him out of the way) Peppy, send this out to everyone in the universe.

Peppy: On it!

(Peppy goes over to the machine and starts broadcasting Mario and luigi to the universe, including Diamond City who are all rushing around trying to not to turn into a Trophy)

Mario: Um.. Hello I'm Mario.

Luigi: And I'm-a Luigi.

Mario: Listen everyone, You don't know us, but we're on TV, so you have to listen to us. I know things seem kind of bad right now, but there is a way out of this. This is Spitz and 9-Volt. (footage of Spitz and 9-Volt is shown) And they was just like all of you. A face in the crowd, following the same idea as you. They are so good at fitting in, no one ever saw them. And I owe you an apology, because we used to look down on people like that.

At Hyrule

Knight: I used to think they were followers with no ideas or brains.

Back at Diamond City

Luigi: Because it turns out Spitz and 9-Volt had some great ideas. And if they seemed hurt and kind of strange, they actually came closer than anyone else to saving the universe. And now we have to finish what they started by fighting together to the save the world from our heads. All of you have the ability inside of you to be a fighter. And I mean literally, get your Gadgets! Build your own Weapons, Fight together! Battle things only you could fight, defend yourselves! We need to fight back against Dimentio's plans to turn us into Trophy!

(The people from their Universe has started to fight all of Dimentio's Army's)

Mario: It maybe Friday, but should call it "Freedom day"! So let's Battle!

Wario: Guys their Coming!

Mario & Luigi: Mama-mia!

(The Robot has Burst out of the Door)

Robot: End of the Line!

(Somebody is blasting them and it was The Star Wolf's)

Fox: Wolf?

Wolf: Hey, Fox.

Falco: What are you guys doing?

Leon: To help you guys to stop Dimentio for taking over the Universe.

Wolf: And we're not your Allies.

Fox: Okay.

Orbulan: So how can we get back to Diamond City?

Olimar: Maybe... Maybe... A... Spaceship?

Wolf: Sure we should use your Spaceship.

Olimar: (Gasp) Spaceship

(The team has fly of the spaceship through the different World)

Olimar: Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!  

(The Robots is chasing them)

Robot: All unit attack that Spaceship.

Olimar: Spaceship!

(Olimar quickly steers the spaceship away from sight)

Robot: Where he go?

Olimar: Spaceship!

(The Spaceship flies up through the robots aircrafts destroying them)

Olimar: Spaceship!

(He fly through the Portal and make it to Diamond City)

Mona: Everyone look! It's the People!

Knight: Save those Robot Beasties to us.

Cowboy: And Westurn Folks too!

At Dimentio's Aircraft

(Dimentio saw all the People fighting their Army)

Dimentio: What are you doing!? Stop fighting my Robot! Just stop it!

Back to the Heroes

Fox: This might actually work.

Slippy: Look like It was your speech has Finally did it.

Mario: Great!

Dribble: I wonder if Spitz were here to see this.

18-Volt: Even 9-Volt, I wonder if they are Alright?


(Spitz and 9-Volt still falling down to the Abyss)

9-Volt: How long do we have to keep Falling!?

Spitz: Don't know!? But we are gonna find out!

Both: (Scream)

(And then they are fallen to the Light)

Spitz and 9-Volt The Master Brawler

  • (After they fell to the Light they have turn into Trophies)
  • 9-Volt: Where are we?
  • Spitz: Am I having another Vision?
  • 9-Volt: No. And I can't move.
  • Spitz: Me too. Look
  • (They look at the Monitor and saw the World's even their Hometown)
  • Both: Diamond City.
  • (And then they heard someone Coming towars them and it was a Giant Hand)
  • 9-Volt: A Giant Hand!
  • (And the  it ram toward Them and fly off)
  • Both: Ouch!
  • Crazy Hand: Alright! They will stop Dimentio for this.
  • Spitz: What in the World.
  • Crazy Hand: Huh? Is that...? (He pick them up) Spitz and 9-Volt?
  • 9-Volt: Uh... Hi? Are you the Master Hand?
  • Master Hand: I'm back Crazy Hand.
  • (The hand saw all the World's mess up)
  • Master Hand: Oh, no, no, no ,no. Crazy Hand! What have you done! And it's that a Dragon on the Tower?
  • Crazy Hand: I was just... Making a Story.
  • Master Hand: Crazy Hand! You know we shouldn't mess up the Stories for this. And what happen to the Castle? Did you do that?
  • Crazy Hand: It was an accident from the Controller.
  • Master Hand: You accidentally, expertly, carefully took the entire top off of the Castle?
  • Crazy Hand: Yes.
  • Master Hand: You know the Rules: Don't mess up their Stories.
  • Crazy Hand: Um... It kind of is.
  • Master Hand: No, actually it's a highly sophisticated inter-locking system.
  • Crazy Hand: But the Heroes save us from Tabuu!
  • Master Hand: I know... But thank to him. He ruined all the World's, and even Captured us.
  • Crazy Hand: But the Heroes are in the Tournament?
  • Master Hand: I know... But this is Different from the Heroes.
  • Crazy Hand: Because maybe we won't be able to resist helping the Heroes.
  • Master Hand: Look, I moved your stuff over near to the decorations. All those stories, you can make anything you want.
  • (Spitz and 9-Volt see all the Blank Page pilled up together in a box, they notices Crazy hand look down)
  • Master Hand: Crazy Hand, we're gonna play a little game. It's called "let's put everything back the way you found it.
  • Crazy Hand: But you don't understand.
  • Master Hand: So I can make things they way they're supposed to be. (It grab the Controller that it was laying down) Restored.
  • Spitz: What are you doing?
  • Back at Diamond City
  • Dimentio: This rebellion ends right now!
  • (He releases a bunch of Robots onto the city and they start attacking)
  • Citzen: Oh No!
  • Fireman: Fire in the Hoel!(He turn around ad saw his vehicle Destroy) What Happen to my Trunk! (He saw the Robots) Darn you!
  • Zelda: Hang in there People, I'm coming for you! (And the Robot has destory her Vehicles) Dang it.
  • (And then they turn her into a Trophy)
  • Link: Zelda!
  • Back at the Unknown World
  • Both: Stop!
  • Back to Diamond City again
  • Fox: There's too many of them!
  • Back at Unknown World agan
  • (Master Hand saw a Spaceship)
  • Master Hand: What is that?
  • Crazy Hand: A Battleship.
  • Master Hand: No, it's a hodge-podge that's what it is. What's Captain Falcon doing on it? (He throws Captain Falcon off the spaceship) What is this? Fox and his Team? [he throws them down and he lands next to Captain Falcon]
  • Captain Falcon: Dang it.
  • (Spitz and 9-Volt watch the Horror)
  • Both: Stop! Stop it! No! Stop it! Stop!
  • (Master hand saw Spitz and 9-Volt that Crazy hand was Holding)
  • Master Hand: You got that Glue all over the Trophies. Here, give that to me. (He grab the Trophies of Spitz and 9-Volt)
  • Spitz: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
  • 9-Volt: Don't do this! (He saw something) Spitz Look! It's the Trophy Stand!
  • Spitz: If only we could reach it
  • Back at Diamond City
  • Wario: Looks like we're done for.
  • Back at the Unknown World
  • Master Hand: Let's get this gunk off these two.
  • Crazy Hand: Spitz and 9-Volt are the Heroes
  • Master Hand: No their Not. They are ordinary, regular, People from Diamond City, and I need to put them back the way it was. Now, where is Xacto knife? (He put them on the Table)
  • Spitz: We have to get that Trophy Stand. So we can save everybody.
  • 9-Volt: But we can't move.
  • Spitz: We have to try.
  • (They are using their Strength and they manage to get off the Table)
  • Master Hand: Where is that knife?
  • Spitz: Mmmove!
  • (They come close to Crazy Hand)
  • Crazy Hand: Um.. Master Hand.
  • Master Hand: Yes?
  • Crazy Hand: I found the Knife over there.
  • Master Hand: Oh. Thank you.
  • Crazy Hand: Your welcome. (He grab Spitz and 9-Volt) Time for me to it on you two.
  • (He squeeze them and then they began to shine. He open his Finger. Spitz's Goggles has been Repair and he have a Belt with a Beam Sword, and he's is holding a ray gun. 9-Volt is holding a Baseball bat and he have a Belt with a Scanner. Crazy Hand has pick up the Trophy Stand)
  • Crazy Hand: Good luck Boys.
  • (Spitz saw a Picture of Virtruvius)
  • Virtruvius: Believe. I know that sounds so weird, But it's true.
  • (Crazy Hand has throw them to the Portal, and they Began to move. Spitz put on his Goggles on his Eyes. And they have landed to Diamond City with the Trophy Stand)
  • Spitz: Alright, let's go 9-Volt! (He pick up the Trophy Stand)
  • 9-Volt: Okay!
  • (They are going to save the World from Dimentio and they saw some Part's lying on the Ground, so they began to build something)
  • Spitz: I can build anything!
  • 9-Volt: Me too!
  • (They are quickly assembles a large fighting machine to join in the battle and then the Robots came)
  • Robot: What the heck it that?
  • Both: We are the Master Brawlers!
  • (They have build a Large Fighting Machine)

Save the World

  • Dimentio: Release all the Robot's that we have!
  • Robot: Let's get them all.
  • (Spitz and 9-Volt are fighting those Robot with their Fighting Machine and they saw their Friends)
  • Both: Guys!
  • Mario & Dribble: Spitz!
  • Luigi & 18-Volt: 9-Volt!
  • Slippy: You're back!
  • Spitz: Listen! Me and 9-Volt are going to Dimentio's Aircraft.
  • Fox: Okay!
  • Falcon: Good Luck Boys!
  • (Spitz and 9-Volt are heading to Dimentio's Aircraft and they are fighting those Robots)
  • Spitz: Take that! Ha-ha! And that!
  • Falco: Good job Kids!
  • Peppy: Go get them!
  • (They are going to Dimentio's Aircraft but they knocked by the Robots)
  • Both: (Yelling)
  • Kirby: Poyo!
  • Both: Kirby! Help Us!
  • (Kirby needs to something and he saw a Sword he inhales it and he became Sword Kirby. He Fight all the Robot's)
  • Both: Thank!
  • Mona: Go Spitz.
  • Dribble: Be careful Spitz!
  • 18-Volt: Good luck 9-Volt!
  • Ashley: Don't worry about us! Just keep going!
  • Dr. Crygor: Keep going 9-Volt!
  • Cricket: Good luck you two!
  • Jimmy. T: Go get in there!
  • Orbulan: Keep it up, earthlings!
  • Olimar: You can do it!
  • Mario: Good luck Spitz!
  • Luigi: And you too, 9-Volt!
  • (Spitz and 9-Volt has finally made to the Aircraft)
  • Robot: Sir! We got an Intruder!
  • (Spitz and 9-Volt has burst out of the door and they saw Dimentio)
  • Both: Dimentio.
  • Dimentio: Well, if it isn't Spitz and 9-Volt coming back from the Dead. Skeletons! Get them!
  • (They are gonna get them, But Spitz blast them with his Ray Gun and fight all the Skeleton with his Beam Sword and his Fighting Skill. 9-Volt is Helping him fighting all the Skeleton with his Baseball bat and his Fighting Skill, and they going to the Dark Cannon. But Dimentio just Froze their Legs from the Freezie)
  • 9-Volt: My Leg's! 
  • Spitz: I can't move!
  • Dimentio: You see your friends? Oh, they're finished! And your Dimension is almost finished. (The Robots has Surrounded Spitz and 9-Volt's friends) And the last thing I need to do is finish you.
  • Spitz: No, stop! Please! If you do one thing and We're gonna unleash our secret weapon!
  • Dimentio: Secret Weapon?
  • 9-Volt: It's called the Power of the Heroes.
  • Dimentio: That's kinda stupid.
  • Spitz: Okay, here it comes. Our secret weapon... Is this.
  • (They show him their Hand)
  • Dimentio: What is that? Is it super small? I don't see anything.
  • Spitz: It's our hand. I want you to take it.
  • Dimentio: You want me to take your hand off?
  • 9-Volt: No. I want you to join us. Look at all of these things the people they fight . (He points to the TV monitors showing the citizens in their various fighting machines) You might see a mess...
  • Dimentio: Yeah, a bunch of weak defenseless people that ruined my perfect plan.
  • Spitz: Okay. What I see are people inspired by each other, and by you. People taking what you made and making something new out of it.
  • Back at the Unknown World
  • (Master Hand saw all the People's from their World helping all the People from their World)
  • Master Hand: Crazy Hand. Did you make those.
  • Crazy Hand: Yes. I make all the People to Stop Dimentio.
  • Master Hand: Then where is he?
  • Crazy Hand: Inside his Aircraft.
  • (He show him the Screen and he saw Dimentio. He look at the Sign said "Don't ruined the Story")
  • Master: Dimentio is a Bad guy?
  • (Crazy Hand is not telling him)
  • Back at Diamond City
  • Spitz: You...don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting and extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Hero.
  • (Dimentio is looking down)
  • 9-Volt: And so are we. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it's also true. It's about all of us. Right now, it's about you. And you still can change everything.
  • (Dimentio has drop the Dark Cannon and they hug them)
  • 9-Volt: Looks like you got a chance of heart.
  • Spitz: Here. (He give the Trophy Stand) And be careful, We have been told it might Explode.
  • Dimentio: Got it.
  • Back at the Unknown
  • Master Hand is giving Crazy Hand a Bro-fist)
  • Back to Diamond City again.
  • Dimentio: (He put the Trophy Stand onto the Dark Cannon) Phew. Thank you, you two. And I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, from this moment forward, I solemnly promise that I will never...
  • (His Aircraft has been Explode from the Dark Cannon, Spitz and 9-Volt are falling to the Ground)
  • Both: (Scream)
  • (All the Robots has been shut down, Their Friends are looking for Spitz and 9-Volt and they saw them Okay)
  • 5-Volt: Son! Your Okay. (He Hugged him)
  • Dribble: Thank goodness your Alright, Spitz.
  • Spitz: Wait! Where Mario and Luigi?
  • Mario: We're over here! 
  • (They Hugged them)
  • Luigi: We did it.
  • Spitz: Yeah.
  • (All People and Their Friends are celebrating for their Victory and then Virtruvius ghost has appeared)
  • Virtruvius: I like Spitz and 9-Volt for this.
  • Back at the Unknown World
  • Master Hand: Looks like they did it. Should we end the Story?
  • Crazy Hand: Not Yet,  there's are still more left.
  • Back at Diamond City
  • Spitz: Look like Dimentio has gone off the another Dimension.
  • 9-Volt: Yeah. Will he ever come back.
  • Spitz: Soon I guess.
  • At the Ceremony
  • Mayor: I'm here by these Medal of Honor to these two boys. (He give them the Medal)
  • Everyone: (Cheering)
  • 5-Volt: That's a good boy. Your father would be so Proud.
  • Dribble: That's my Partner. Good job Spitz.
  • Spitz: Thank, Dribble.
  • (After that they saw Wario with his Motorcycle)
  • Mario: Wario, where are you going?
  • Wario: I'm going to America to see my Brother Waluigi.
  • Luigi: And you have to say Sorry to him?
  • Wario: Yes... Guy's... I have to say I'm... I'm sorry for what happen.
  • Mona: You mean the one that you use Us?
  • Wario: Yes... And even though I have a feeling that... Well... Using somebody is not very nice. And I'm felt so Guilty for what I did. And I'm sorry... So... Can you forgive me.
  • Spitz: Well... You did say that want to apologize to your brother, So... Yes we forgive you.
  • Wario: Thank you. And leaving Diamond City.
  • Mona: What about your Company?
  • Wario: You will be in charge for me.
  • Mona: Really?
  • Wario: Yes. And I better go now bye.
  • (He rode off the America)
  • Mario: He'll come back soon, right.
  • Spitz: Yeah, he will.
  • Next Day
  • (Everybody in Diamond City is Rebuilding the City after the Battle, even the Master Brawler's are helping them. Spitz and Dribble are on the Roof)
  • Dribble: Okay Dribble. Steady. Steady. Steady.
  • Spitz: Um Dribble. (He show him the Safety gloves)
  • Dribble: Oh. (He wear it on his Hands) Thanks buddy. Steady. (He Hammered the Nail and he did it) I did it? Woohoo! I did it.
  • (He get up and he realized that he Nail himself to the Leg)
  • Dribble: (Scream)
  • Spitz: (Laugh)
  • (Dribble has fell off the roof)
  • Dribble: I'm Okay.
  • The End
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