The Nintendo Movie is a parody movie of The Lego Movie.


Spitz and 9-Volt who were an Ordinary People from Diamond City, is Mistakenly identified Spitz and 9-Volt as the Heroes, an extraordinary being and the key to saving the world. He and 9-Volt find themselves drafted into a Fellowship of Brawler's who are on a mission to stop a Dimentio's plans to conquer the World. Unfortunately for 9-Volt and Spitz, they are hopeless and Hilariously unprepared for suck a task, but they'll give it all their nonetheless.


  • Spitz
  • 9-Volt
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Virtruvius
  • Olimar
  • Kirby
  • Captain Falcon
  • Fox McCloud
  • Falco Lombardi
  • Slippy Toad
  • Peppy Hare
  • Wario
  • Mona
  • Dribble
  • 18-Volt
  • Jimmy. T
  • Orbulon
  • Kat
  • Ana
  • Ashley
  • Red
  • Young Cricket
  • Link
  • Megaman
  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand
  • Wolf O'Donnell
  • Panther Caroso
  • Leon Powalski
  • Dimentio

List of Cameos


  • Toad
  • Princess Peach
  • Bowser
  • Yoshi
  • The Koopalings





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