The New Little Mermaid is a brand new series when Ariel's daughter, Melody takes adventure with her friends, Tip the penguin, Dash the walrus, Sandy the Seahorse, and Pearl the Seal. including one of Flounder's sons and daughters and also Ariel's childhood friend, Urchin's son as they exploring around the ocean just like in the old Little Mermaid series when Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian used to did.



  • Melody (Voiced by Tara Strong) A human/princess that can turn into a mermaid.
  • Wilson (Voiced by) Urchin‘s son and Melody‘s boyfriend. He gives everyone funny names.
  • Ariel (Voiced by Jodi Benson) Melody's mother.
  • Tip (Voiced by) A young Blue Penguin.
  • Dash (Voiced by) A Red Walrus.
  • Sandy (Voiced by) A purple seahorse.
  • Pearl (Voiced by Katherine Dillon) A green seal that uses her two tips of her tail as legs.
  • Splash, Ella and Cleo (Voiced by) Flounder's guppies.
  • sora(voice by Harley Joel osment) a keyblade choosen one
  • Donald duck (voice by tony Anselmo and koichi yamadera) a wizard of King mickey
  • goofy ( voice by bill farmer and yu shimaka) a general of royal knights
  • kenneth3 ( voice by Kenneth Edward cuen moyeda) the legendary god of war asension ninja portal master and the spy of sparta


  • Flounder (Voiced by Cam Clarke) is a Childhood Friend of Ariel's, the Dad Splash, Ella, and Cleo, and Eve's Husband.
  • Eve (Voiced by Kuchi Brasso) is Flounder's Wife.
  • Sebastian (Voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson) is a Crab.
  • Sara (Voiced by) is a Sewer Rat.
  • Otto (Voiced by Evan Kishiyama) is a Otter who lives in Whisker Haven.
  • Peggy the Pig (Voiced by Felicia Hamilton) is the Star of Pearl's Favorite Show.
  • Daisy (Voiced by) is a Sea Squrriel.
  • Sam (Voiced by) is Pearl's Boyfriend:
  • Treasure (Voiced by Sanai Victoria) is Ariel's Cat.


  • Morgana (Voiced by)
  • Undertow (Voiced by Clancy Brown)
  • Cloak and Dagger are Two Silent Eels.
  • Felicia (Voiced by Brooke Haywire) is A Octopus and Cat Hybrid. She first appeared in "Tattle Tale".
  • Sidney (Voiced by Ty Burrel) is a Squid and Dog Hybrid Who works for Felicia. Like Felicia, At the End of "Bye Felicia!", He gets taken to the Zoo.
  • Lulu (Voiced by) is a Crystal Eel.
  • dark kahn( voice actor unknoum) he´s is the middle brother of kenneth3


Season 1

  1. Saving Prince Eric’s Castle Part 1/Saving Prince Eric‘s Castle Part 2
  2. A Small Green Lie/Hidden Treasure
  3. Tip and Dash and the Whale/The Secret of Wondersea
  4. Free Sandy/Whisker Haven Rescue
  5. Double Trouble/Tattle Tale
  6. Melody and her Six Aunts/An Orphan Guppy
  7. The Return of Ursula/Pearl's Sewer Adventure
  8. Sandy's New Family/Adventures in Guppysitting
  9. Crabs Scouts/Leave it to Splash
  10. Cleo's Discovery/Pearl's Worst Day Ever
  11. Melody's Voice/Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp Return
  12. A Seat at the Theater/Bye Felicia!
  13. Jellyfish Trouble/Bubbles Fight
  14. The Great Escape/Peggy the Pig is Not Real
  15. Calamity Prince Eric/The Sea Fairy
  16. A Day without Melody/The Trouble with Sea Squrriels
  17. Ella Swims Away/Get Your Sea Legs On
  18. Sebastian is Missing/Melody and the Howling Hairfish
  19. Close Encounters of a Seal Kind/Mermaid Mystery
  20. March of the Penguins/Jaws
  21. The Revenge of Felicia and Sydney/Never Judge a Fish by Its Cover
  22. Vacational Dance Cruise/Let Sleeping Sharks Lie
  23. A Mermaid in A Gallery/A Surprise Birthday for Ariel
  24. The Waterly Amusement Park/Sandy's Evil Twin
  25. Busy Bodies/Treasure's Visit
  26. The Evil Manta Returns Part 1/The Evil Manta Returns Part 2

Season 2

  1. Sea Vampire Part 1/Sea Vampire Part 2
  2. Tip and Dash and the Stowaway/Zeus Returns
  3. Melody meets her late grandmother/Ariel's History Tale
  4. Name?/Crashing the Party
  5. Who Framed Sebastian/Returns of Morgana
  6. Lulu/A Not So Silent Night
  7. Ariel's Best Day/A Little Mermaid and a Baby Shark
  8. Sad Hour/Wilson All at Sea
  9. Melody's Tunnel/Is There Anything Like It?
  10. The Search for Old Rusty/Too Many Wilsons
  11. Attack of the Sea Dinosaurs/Wilson's Rivals
  12. Who's Whippy?/The Putra Popularity
  13. Wilson and Splash in Danger Lava/Tip the Pester
  14. Pesky Pearl/Regret Everything
  15. Melody Meets Gabriella and Ollie/A Bath For Treasure
  16. The Fastest Fish at Atlantica/The Tooth of Wisdom
  17. The Lost Mermaid/The Snow Queen
  18. Seas and Ticks/Cat in the Water
  19. Deceased Alive!/Sit, Stay, and Splash
  20. The Ugly Duckling/WhirldPool
  21. The Flying Dutchman/Haunted Sea Mansion
  22. The Mermaid Queen/Mermaid Head
  23. The Mermaid Guard/WaterPool
  24. Urchin’s Back!/Splash, Ella, and Cleo go to Hollywood
  25. Ariel‘s Flower/A Baby Shark Jumps Out
  26. A Little Mermaid and a Lion Guard Part 1/A Little Mermaid and a Lion Guard Part 2

Season 3

  1. What’s Yours is Mind/The Littlest Mermaid
  2. The Mermaid Princess/Ariel's Magic List
  3. ArielTube/Tiny Melody
  4. Max and Treasure Have a Big Fight/Attina‘s Diaries
  5. Littlest Mermaid Shop/Deer Diary
  6. Hooky/Stage Fright
  7. Felicia’s New Servant/The Critic Hating
  8. The Catfish Club Band/Island of Fear Again
  9. Twinkle Twinkle Crashing Car/Pearl's Hill
  10. Tortuga Helps Out/Sandy's Phobia
  11. Melody Meets Moana Part 1/Melody Meets Moana Part 2
  12. Under the Sea Christmas Part 1/Under the Sea Christmas Part 2
  13. Mishap on the Atlantica Carriage/The Sea Breakdown
  14. melody meets sora,Donald and goofy part 1 melody meets sora,donald and goofy part 2
  15. heartless keyblade
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