The Mysterious Batwoman is an American action-adventure superhero comic book series, being published by DC Comics since TBD 2018.


Set in a future where Bruce Wayne has mysteriously disappeared after a fight with the Joker, Barbara Gordon has the hard task of both succeeding him as the new Dark Knight and raising his daughter in order to keep balance in Gotham while dealing with the challenges of a world without Batman and taking the next step in her longtime relationship with Nightwing.



  • Barbara Gordon, Jr./Batwoman - Com. Gordon's geeky daughter who now doubles as the Dark Knight after Bruce's disappearance, heading for truth and justice.
  • Helena Wayne/Robin - Bruce's curious daughter and Barbara's ward who becomes her sidekick as she slowly tries to understand the reason of her father's disappearance.


  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Barbara's charming partner and fiancé who returned to Gotham eleven months ago after leaving Blüdhaven and joins her in her quest to dismantle any kind of suspicious activities.
  • Cassandra Cain/Orphan - Lady Shiva's silent daughter who has betrayed the League of Assassins and is currently a vigilante in her own thanks to Barbara's help and mentorship.
  • Stephanie Brown/Spoiler - the TBD daughter of the infamous Cluemaster who now works under Barbara's influence by TBD.
  • Com. James Gordon - Barbara's protective father who heads the GCPD and is often worried about her daughter's safety, especially now since he knows that she's Batwoman.
    • Dt. Harvey Bullock - Gordon's rough head detective who holds a distrust of supers and often clashes with Barbara due to her double life as Batwoman.
  • Barbara Gordon (née Kean) - Barbara's caring mother who used to be a lunatic until she was put into an asylum by Gordon, slowly returning to her normal state and encourages her daughter to fight for what's right.
  • Julie Madison - the TBD head of Wayne Industries who assumed the role after Bruce went missing, providing technology to Barbara in order to aid her in her crime-fighting activities and personal life.
  • Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Superwoman - Barbara's ditzy longtime best friend living in Metropolis who occasionally aids her by providing additional support to her quest.


  • Talia al Ghul - the TBD leader of the League of Assassins who TBD.
  • Charles Brown/Kite Man - a "joke villain" who now aims for the destruction TBD.
  • James Gordon, Jr./Holiday Killer - Barbara's insane long-lost brother who now TBD.
  • The Court of Owls, consisting of:
    • Edward Nygma/Riddler/The Grandmaster - an ingenious criminal who now gained control of the Court of Owls after killing the former leader.
    • William Cobb/Talon - TBD
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn - an insane jester-like criminal who now is a vengeful lunatic after the Joker's death, blaming Batman for it and wanting to kill Barbara, since she is the closest thing to him.


  1. Batwoman and Robin - TBD


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