The Mighty Mutanimals is a CGI Nickelodeon cartoon series which starts as a spin-off series from TMNT 2012.

It is loosely based on an old spin-off comic with the same name.


The Turtles needed a new, more effective weapon to combat the Kraang an evil Mutants, so they decided to put together a team of powerful good mutants.


  • Mighty Mutanimals
    • Leatherhead (Peter Lurie) - Leader of the Mighty Mutanimals.
    • Spike/Slash (Corey Feldman) - Enforcer. He and Leatherhead have a Leo and Raph arguable relationship.
    • Newtralizer "Newtie" (Danny Trejo) - Weapons specialist. After that betrayal with Slash, he has gained a new energy form from the teleporter which he can change to at will. He sees how heartless he was and promises to make a better of himself.
    • Martin Milton/Sir Malachi (Paul Reubens) - Diversion Artist and Mystic. He has somehow gained limited legitimate magical powers.
    • Dr. Tyler Rockwell (Tom Kenny) - Acrobat. With a device Donnie created, he can now speak and sounds like Gibson from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
    • Pete The Pigeon (A.J. Buckley) - Aerial Specialist. He is not as brave as his teammates, but is still a kindhearted mutant who is always willing to help others in need. He is also obsessed with bread, which acts as a source of humor for Slash and Mondo because they enjoy teasing him with it. He is given a pair of shoulder-mounted laser blasters by Donnie.
    • Mondo Gecko (Ben Schwartz) - Short Lizard Skateboarder with big head.
    • Karai - Master Splinter's biological daughter turned into a shape shifting snake mutant.


  • The Ninja Turtles
    • Leonardo "Leo" (Seth Green) - The Leader
    • Donatello "Donnie" - The Brains
    • Raphael "Raph" - The Muscle
    • Michelangelo "Mikey" - The Wild One
  • April O'Neil - The Half Human Half Kraang Teenager
  • Casey Jones (Josh Peck) - Hockey Vigilante
  • Timothy/The Pulverizer/Mutagen Man (Roger Craig Smith) - The Turtles biggest fan.
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