The Magic School Bus Movie is a animated film based on the 1994 TV show. This movie is set to be release in September 27, 2019.



  • Maya Rudolph as Miss Frizzle
  • Bobby Moynihan as Arnold Perlstein, Wanda's love interest.
  • Sofia Carson as Wanda Li, Arnold's love interest.
  • Thomas Middleditch as Ralphie Tennelli
  • Leslie Jones as Keesha Franklin
  • Chris Rock as Timothy "Tim" Jamal
  • Beck Bennett as Carlos Ramon
  • Kate McKinnon as Dorothy Ann Rourke
  • Tina Fey as Phoebe Terese
  • Ellie Kemper as Jyoti Kaur
  • Emily Blunt as Janet


  • The character in the film will have a new cast due to the fact the cast from the original series are either retired, dead, or unable at the moment.
  • Kevin Hart was originally going to voiced Tim in this movie, but his was busy with his other movies, so the role was given to Chris Rock.
  • Maya Rudolph will originally going to voice Phoebe, but the role was given to Tina Fey instead, so now she play Miss Frizzle.
  • Ellie Kemper was originally going to voice Wanda, but the role was given to Sofia Carson instead, so now she play Jyoti Kaur.
  • Jyoti Kaur from Magic School Bus Rides Again will be one of the main character in the movie.
  • This movie takes places in alternate universe combining the original and the reboot series.
  • The characters will wear the same outfit from the 1994 show.
  • This movie will used CGI animation instead of 2D animation.
  • Much like the original series, Arnold has a crush on Wanda, in this movie Wanda has a crush on Arnold as well.
  • Most of the cast of this movie are and were cast members of Saturday Night Live.
  • This is Thomas Middleditch second movie based on a Scholastic book. The first was Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.
  • In the live action segments of WordGirl: The Movie, there was a figure display of a school bus, and in the mid-credits where the comic book store was closing for the night, the bus came to life and became the Magic School Bus and did the famous horn. This was a easter egg for this movie.


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