The Madagascar Penguins in: Another Christmas Caper is a Christmas special first broadcast on Disney Channel network on November 17, 2009,[1] which starred the characters from the Madagascar film series. The story appears to take place between Madagascar 3: Europe's Most wanted and Penguins of Madagascar.


At the North PoleSanta Claus and his dog Woofy Claus take a look at the magical Christmas Icicle, which is melting because nobody believes in Christmas anymore; if it continues to melt, Christmas will be gone forever.

Puppy Claus, the fun-loving son of Woofy, stares at the icicle stating "I wish Christmas didn't exist," causing it to crack. He finds Skipper on Santa's naughty list for Shipping DuBios and her crew to Madagascar and figures he's just the dog to show him how to be an ordinary puppy. Meanwhile, the Christmas Icicle makes a big crack, shuts off the power at the North Pole, and makes the reindeer weak and deathly ill.

Skipper and the other penguins, also lacking Christmas spirit, believe that Woofy is Santa's pet, and that the naughty list is a way to scare them to behave. However, Alex the Lion replies that Christmas is about giving and a holiday they must learn to respect.

Puppy Claus makes it to the Circus to find Skipper. Skipper introduces Puppy Claus to his soilders. The North Pole puppy causes trouble to each of the animals: Stefano gets framed for shooting out of a cannon as he tries to get back on the nice list, King Julien gets beaten by Puppy Claus at dancing and breaks a vase, Puppy Claus almost caused Vitaly to walk on a tightrope, in which he breaks his leg, Gloria gets an extreme Christmas makeover, and Marty's meditation statue is turned into a snowman as Puppy Claus explains that the snowman is "what citizens of the North Pole meditate in front of".

The circus animals want Puppy Claus to leave. But King Julien learns that Puppy Claus isn't hurting them as they are hurting themselves and decide to treat him with compassion. Puppy Claus (who is mistaken as a baby polar bear) gets taken away a zookeeper, who takes him to the Hellabrunn Zoo. There, Puppy Claus meets a Giant Panda named Tyler who is wishing for a Christmas miracle and tells Puppy Claus about the true meaning of Christmas.

The penguins, along with an St. Bernard named Fred, come to the rescue. Fred tells the zookeeper that he knows the zookeeper always wanted a puppy for Christmas, but his great-grandfather is allergic to pets, and that makes the zookeeper hate dogs.

With help from an elf, Christmas spirit returns, the Christmas Icicle stops melting, and the North Pole is back in business. Puppy Claus and the penguins make it to the North Pole. The reindeer are unable to fly, and Puppy Claus and the penguins volunteer to save Christmas with their uncanny abilities (from Merry Madagascar). A changed zookeeper brings Tyler's family to the Hellabrunn Zoo. Tyler says his goodbyes to the penguins and Puppy Claus. After their last delivery, Santa Claus and Woofy arrive in the Circus. Santa puts Skipper on top of the nice list, Puppy Claus becomes part of Santa's family, and the animals say farewell.

The movie ends with the animals, singing "Silent Night" in front of King Julien's Christmas tree.


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