The Loud House - Special and Crossover - High And Flighty

The Loud House - Special and Crossover - High and Flighty is an special episode of The Loud House and animated crossover, premiere in March 2, 2017.


Lincoln runs away from home and comes up with a flying saucer and heads into orbit.


At the beggining, about the first minute of the cartoon is taken up with dialogue, and Lori thinking Lincoln is just using kid-like imagination about having a flying saucer. Lincoln writes on sheet of paper to his sisters writing "Dear sisters. And dear friends. I'm so sorry but I'm going away, running away alone. So you learn to create me problems. It 's all your fault entirely. Goodbye forever. Affectionately Lincoln Loud." But when her sisters and friends heard it all and discover the written paper, all they care too much and all go together to his research.

Despite the rush to follow Lincoln, he enjoys his life alone, and even if they feel his absence.

The Loud Sisters and friends hopes the Air Corps Defense Headquarters can help him get Lincoln back but, instead, they’re shooting at the saucer with missiles. While the Loud Sisters begs an officer for help, a voice on the P.A. system gives an order to cease firing because “the target has vanished into outer space.” The Loud Sisters gets teary over the prospect that Lincoln is gone forever. The scene cuts to a nice long shot of The Loud Sisters and Friends slowly walking toward house. “Good night, Lincoln our brother, wherever you are.” Then, with head bowed, Lori adds “Maybe there’s a new kid star in Heaven tonight”. Suddenly they see happily Lincoln returned home healthy living and safety: they were really worried about him. The Loud Sisters hugging and kissing Lincoln. They are proud of their brother. A Martian helped him to accompany to return home.

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