The Lost Kids is an upcoming 2021 live-action film that will be produced by Amblin Entertainment and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is set to be released in April 9, 2021.


4 brothers from New York City lose their parents when their were babies. So they get adopted by a married couple in Brighton, England. It's up to them to go all around the world to find their long lost parents and outsmart a billionaire who wants to kidnap them. 

​Portraying Characters

​Main Characters

  • Jack (portrayed by TBD) - a 17 year old who is the main protagonist. He is the leader of the brothers.
  • Bruce (portrayed by TBD) - a 16 year old and the wiser one of the brothers. He is the main deteuragonist.
  • Mark (portrayed by TBD) - a 14 year old and the most psycho out of all of the brothers. He is one of the two main tritagonists.
  • John (portrayed by Finn Wolfhard) - a 10 year old and the youngest of the brothers. He is one of the two main tritagonists.


  • Mary (portrayed by Anna Faris) - a 38 year old woman who is the adoptive mother of the brothers.
  • MIke (portrayed by Chris Pratt) - a 43 year old man and the husband of Mary. He is the adoptive father of the brothers.


  • Austin Jackson (portrayed by TBD) - a English billionaire who likes to kidnap kids and babies. He is the main antagonist.
  • Shellia (portrayed by TBD) - Austin's secretary, who likes to assist Austin. She is the secondary antagonist.


The film has gotten a PG-13 rating due to the following reasons:

Some Violence may be included




Real Blood may be included



  • TBD

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