The Lost Christmas is a upcoming computer animated musical film released by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animated Studios for 2022. It stars ,Ian Mckellon,Keegan Michael Key,Tom Hiddleston,John Goodman,Anne Hathaway, Allison Brie


When everyone in Christmas Land has lost the spirit of Christmas. 3 Friends decide to embark on a musical adventure to try and regain the spirit of Christmas.



TBA as Loxy ( The main protagonist who is a cheerful fox who is well spirited and cares for Christmas.)

Ian Mckellon as Karpus (The second main protagonist who doesn't really give a care for anything Christmas related)

Keegan Michael Key as Flakin (The third main protagonist who is a comedic snowman and is the best friend to help Loxy on his adventure)

Tom Hiddleston as Malkar (The main Antagonist who plans to make people not care about Christmas and plans to make sure it never exists again.)

John Goodman as Santa Claus

TBD as Sparkle a young reindeer who isn't like the other reindeer who joins up with Loxy Karpus and Flakin on their adventure.

Allison Brie as TBD


== Casting ==

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