The Looney Louie Show is an American animated comedy show produced by Fowl Feather Studio and distributed by Glass Ball Productions. Its pilot premiered on June 12, 2023 and has released 2 new episodes every week since September 1st, 2023. It will run for 3 seasons containing 10 episodes.

This project belongs to Sweet Spinach 447.


  1. Louie Von Lawrence - the star of the show, Louie and his friends and family reside in Kentucky's Appalachian Mountains. Louie is a very silly nutcase who hangs out with his best pal, whose name is Tyrone.
  2. Tyrone Von Chestnut - Louie's best friend who likes skipping stones by the river. Tyrone is more interested in physics than comedy, but serves as Louie's intellectual sidekick. Tyrone is originally from southern Alabama, but he and his family moved to KY after getting beat up by a liberal mob in Mobile, AL.
  3. Petunia Von Lawrence - Louie's lovely older sister. She frequently visits local museums and parks in eastern KY, and often criticizes crappy art at local art museums. She enjoys cooking in her spare time.


  1. White Pines, KY - fictional town located in the northeastern KY mountains. Famous for its logging industry.
  2. Grime Gutter Academy - Louie's primary educational facility. Has lots of gangs, mobs and "safe spaces" filled with whiny soy boys.





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