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The Little Engine That Could 2: Return of the Railroad is an upcoming fan animated adventure musical film produced and distributed by Universal Pictures and on the internet by KAIJAACK Animation Studios. This is one of the fan-made Sequels to The Little Engine That Could 1991 film. The release date will be sometime in 2021.


It starts directly from the beginning of the first film. Tillie makes it over the mountain, and brings the Birthday Train to Eric, after the big party, she makes it back to the Roundhouse with the Birthday Train and Tower feels sorry for his actions and words towards her and tries to apologize, Tillie fires him and gets rid of him on the spot. She then takes over the Roundhouse with an iron fist and makes everyone pay for how they previously treated her, except for the people who didn't wrong her such as Sam, Chip, Georgia, Doc, Jebediah, and the Birthday Train.

Will she find Tower and accept his apology, or will she let her newly found greediness consume her?


  • Kath Soucie as Tillie, a young blue female train engine.
  • E.G. Daily as Sam, a young green male train engine and Tillie's brother.
  • Tom Kenny as Chip, a male small brown bird and Tillie's best friend.
  • Frank Welker as Farnsworth a male stuck-up diesel engine.
  • TBA as Rollo a clown with a stuttering problem and bad memory who is the director of the Birthday Train.
  • TBA as Jeepers who is Rollo's pet monkey.
  • TBA as Perky a male elephant who's the trick elephant .
  • TBA as Handy Pandy a male chilled Toy Panda.
  • TBA as Stretch a stretch boy.
  • TBA as Missy a female French ballerina dancer.
  • TBA as Jebediah an elderly and kind male engine who runs the Milk Train.
  • TBA as Grumpella an angry and negative toy bird who always wants to find a reason to argue about something or the situation.
  • Maya Rudolph as Georgia is a female kind red all-purpose engine.
  • Peter Cullen as Pete is a male lazy freight engine with a smoking problem.
  • Rob Paulsen as Tower is a male signal box and the mean boss who's in charge of the Roundhouse who underestimates Tillie and her ability.
  • TBA as Tara a young girl who is one of the people Tillie brings the Birthday Train to.
  • TBA as The Ghost Train an urban legend who lives in the mountain with his Train Ghosts. He is the main antagonist of the fan-made sequel.
  • TBA as Train Ghosts the Ghost Train's minions.
  • TBA as Children

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