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Rotten Tomatoes: 74%
Audience Score: 80%
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure Film, Fantasy, Drama, Romance Film, Romantic comedy, Family film, Black comedy, Comedy horror
Budget: 65 million USD
Box Office: 99 million USD
Running Time: 1h 49m
The Little Boy Ghost is a upcoming 2019 American 3D computer-animated fantasy comedy film being produce by Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Animation, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Directed by Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon, written by David Bowers, Jonathan Aibel, and Glenn Berger. The film stars Noah Jupe, Miranda Cosgrove, and Tom Taylor. It's story follows Ben Williams, a child ghost that lives in a apartment in London, but then he met a girl named Jessica Scott, a 13 year old girl who moved to London and her family were get to live in a apartment were Ben lives, the film will be released in theaters on October 10, 2019.


The movie is about a kid named Ben Williams, a 10 year old boy who got killed on Halloween night. Ben was wearing a ghost costume for trick or treating with his friends, ben was 6 years old during halloween night. Ben & his friends went trick or treating and got a lot of candy. Later, some robbers broke into Ben's house and starts stealing stuff from the house, Ben's parents saw the robbers stealing their stuff, but since the robbers saw Ben's parents, the robber had a gun and shot Ben's parents into the ground. Since Ben got done trick or treating with his friends, he went back home and saw his parents dead, Ben was crying and scared at the same time, he called the police, and ran away from home. Ben was running as fast as he could until he fall off a cliff in the forest, he fell into ground and he died. But a few years later. a girl named Jessica Scott. a 13 year old girl who is moving into London with her family, the family saw a apartment and the family decide to live their. They were living in the apartment for 10 days. but something weird happen, a strange door appear in the living room, Jessica opened the door, and she a saw scary basement. Since Jessica is exploring the basement, everything in the basement was moving, Jessica was scared until she saw a little white ghost, Jessica screamed and the little ghost screamed to. Jessica ran up stairs to tell her mom and dad that their was a ghost in basement, jessica told her mom and dad that their was a ghost in the basement, but her parents did not belive her and jessica's dad said theirs no such thing as ghost. Jessica was scared and she does not want to go to the basement again. Last night, the little ghost was hungry so he flew out of the basement, and went to kitchen to find him some snacks to eat. the ghost was eating some strawberry ice cream. Jessica woke up late at night and she heard some noises in the kitchen, she went to kitchen and she had a broom as her weapon, once she got to the kitchen, she saw a floating spoon and a bowl strawberry ice cream, jessica was scared so she whack the ghost with her broom, the ghost said ow, and the ghost saw jessica, jessica wants to kill the ghost. But the ghost was harmless, Jessica introduce herself to the ghost, and the ghost introduce himself to Jessica, the little ghost's name is Ben Williams, since Ben died. Ben became a white ghost, he was scared because he does not want nobody to see him look like this, he was flying around London trying to find a place to hide. He found a apartment, so he flew inside the apartment, and was hiding in the basement. That's how jessica met Ben, the two of them became friends, but a creepy dark ghost wants after Ben. a kid named Garfield Chester, one of ben's bullies from school, he died because Ben pushed Garfield into a wishing well, and Garfield died from that falling, now garfield became a black ghost with demon powers. So now Garfield wants revenge on Ben. So it's up to Ben to stop Garfield before it's too late. Also Ben has the power to turn into a human boy or a human girl, that way ben can turn into human so nobody can not know their is a ghost.


  1. Noah Jupe As Ben Williams
  2. Miranda Cosgrove As Jessica Scott
  3. Owen Wilson As Dan Scott (Jessica's Dad)
  4. Amy Poehler As Mina Windfield (Jessica's Mom)
  5. Andrea Libman As Sally Scott (Jessica's Little Sister)
  6. Tara Strong As Brittany Scott (Jessica's Little Sister)
  7. Tom Taylor As Garfield Chester (Ben's Rival)
  8. Jamie Lynn Spears As Ashleigh West (Jessica's Friend, The Girl Who Moved To London)
  9. Elizabeth Gillies As Chloe Scott (Jessica's Friend, The Girl Who Moved To London)
  10. Jacob Tremblay As Alex Underwood (Ben's Friend, Little Red Ghost, Died from a Lou Gehrig's disease)
  11. Iain Armitage As Kevin Scottfield (Ben's Friend, Little Green Ghost, Died From Heart Attack)
  12. Jack Black As Mayor Finn/Finn Alexander (Mayor Of London)
  13. Frank Welker As Ghost Hunters (Darkness Ghosts Who Hunts Other Ghosts)
  14. Jim Cummings As Chef Diablo (Butcher Chef, Ghost, Villain)
  15. Paul Reubens As Benjamin Winchester (Billionaire, Dark Demon Ghost, Died from Assassination, The Main Villain)
  16. Tony Todd As Giant Dark Demon Ghost Benjamin (Benjamin's Dark Demon Ghost Form)
  17. TBA


  • Theme
  • Ben
  • The New Student
  • Ben's Life
  • The Bully
  • TBA

Trailer Music

  • The Vaccines - Ghost Town (First Trailer)
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