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The Library of Everything Volume 8 featuring the letters Q and R, the number 8, and Protoceratops.

Front Cover Art: Dolphins at the ocean surface

  • Ernie Presents the Letter Q (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Storybook") (page 3)
  • Furniture Monsters (reprinted from "The Muppet Show Book") (pages 4-5)
  • Protoceratops (written by Rupert Oliver and illustrated by Roger Payne) (pages 6-25)
  • Ernie Dusts The Shelf (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Storybook") (pages 26-28)
  • Q: The Queer Question Quiz (reprinted from "The Sesame Street ABC Storybook") (pages 29-30)
  • The Count counts eight arms of an octopus (reprinted from "The Sesame Street 123 Storybook") (page 31)
  • Ryu (reprinted from "Street Fighter III Official Strategy Guide") (pages 32-33)
  • Cookie Monster's Colored Candy Cookies recipe (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 34)
  • Cookie and the Count LOVE the Baker (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 35)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past - Chapter Eight: Roam, The Mystery Knight (reprinted from Nintendo Power Vol. 39 and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past" comic book) (pages 36-51)
  • 8: King Hungry the Eighth (reprinted from "The Sesame Street 123 Storybook") (pages 52-54)
  • Early One Morning In The Jungle (reprinted from "Mad About the 60's") (page 55)
  • R: Big Bird's Ridiculous Rhinoceros Rhymes (reprinted from "The Sesame Street ABC Storybook") (pages 56-57)
  • Ecology: An Opinion By Sam the Eagle (reprinted from "The Muppet Show Book") (page 58)
  • The Monsters' Picnic (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Family Album 1975 Calendar") (page 59)
  • Bert and Ernie's Guessing Game (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 60)
  • When I Grow Up (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 61)
  • Grover Above & Below (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Storybook") (pages 62-63)
  • A Grouch-O-Phone (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 64)
  • The Beat Generation (reprinted from "Mad About the 60's") (page 65)
  • A Very Old Shape Story (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (pages 66-67)
  • Big Bird's Colors (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 68)
  • The Boy, The Girl, & The Jellybeans Chapter 1 (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Storybook") (pages 69-71)
  • Protoceratops and Late Cretaceous Asia (reprinted from "Protoceratops") (pages 72-73)
  • Two-Page Photo Spread: Roosevelt Franklin and his mother (pages 74-75)
  • Super Mario Adventures (part eight in a continuing series) (reprinted from Nintendo Power Vol. 39 and "Super Mario Adventures" comic book) (pages 76-83)
  • Bookends: Ernie & Bert (reprinted from "The Perils of Penelope") (pages 84-85)

Ernie and Bert Bookends

  • Ernie: What do you think of that jellybean story, huh, Bert? It's a real cliffhanger, as still is "The Legend of Zelda" and "Super Mario Adventures".
  • Bert: They sure are, Ernie. I can't wait next month to read Volume 9 to see what happens.