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The Library of Everything Volume 10 featuring the letter T, the number 10, and Dilophosaurus.

Front Cover Art: Two ostriches running

  • T: The Terrible Tickler (reprinted from "The Sesame Street ABC Storybook") (pages 3-5)
  • Cookie Monster's Number Cookies recipe (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 6)
  • The Count counts ten elephants (reprinted from "The Sesame Street 123 Storybook") (page 7)
  • Dilophosaurus and Early Jurassic Arizona (reprinted from "Dilophosaurus") (pages 8-9)
  • Big Bird's Beak Breakers (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 10)
  • Bert Brings You... Build a Better Bird Feeder (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 11)
  • Bert's 10 Collections (reprinted from "Big Bird's Busy Book") (page 12)
  • The Count's Birthday Party (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Family Album 1975 Calendar") (page 13)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past - Chapter Ten: To Turtle Rock...And Zelda! (reprinted from Nintendo Power Vol. 41 and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past" comic book) (pages 14-29)
  • The King of Cauliflower's Castle (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Book of Fairy Tales") (pages 30-38)
  • Fortune Hunters Find Atomic Waste (reprinted from "Mad About the 80's") (page 39)
  • Two-Page Photo Spread: The Count with ten of his bats (pages 40-41)
  • Two-Page Spread: The Count counts 10 people on Sesame Street including Oscar's Mudman (reprinted from "The Sesame Street 123 Storybook") (pages 42-43)
  • Super Mario Adventures (part ten in a continuing series) (reprinted from Nintendo Power Vol. 41 and "Super Mario Adventures" comic book) (pages 44-51)
  • Two-Page Photo Spread: A holiday dinner with Big Bird, a Fat Blue grandmother, Grover, Little Bird, Roosevelt Franklin, Sherlock Hemlock, Farley, a Pumpkin female, the Amazing Mumford, Oscar, Herbert Birdsfoot, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie (pages 52-53)
  • Dilophosaurus (written by Rupert Oliver and illustrated by Andrew Howatt) (pages 54-73)
  • Grover Near & Far (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Storybook") (pages 74-75)
  • At the Dance (reprinted from "The Muppet Show Book") (pages 76-77)
  • 10: Grover Buys Ten Balloons (reprinted from "The Sesame Street 123 Storybook") (pages 78-80)
  • The Boy, The Girl, & The Jellybeans Chapter 3 (reprinted from "The Sesame Street Storybook") (pages 81-83)
  • Bookends: Ernie & Bert (reprinted from "The Perils of Penelope") (pages 84-85)

Ernie and Bert Bookends

  • Ernie: Hey, Bert, this volume was really a lot of fun. Especially that first story about the Terrible Tickler.
  • Bert: That's nothing, Ernie. You'll be tickled even more by the stories in Volume 11 coming next month.