The Legendary Travels of Aaliya and Efren is a 2015 Arabic-French-American children's animated fantasy comedy-drama film produced and directed by Sylvain Chomet and animated segments featuring Anima Estudios, Nina Paley , Alexandre Heboyan , Mohammed Saeed Harib and Rebecca Sugar.


Set in Kurdistan 1989, the Anfal Genocide continues to rage across the region. Two twins, one adventurous and optimistic (Aaliya) and the other intelligent and sensitive (Efren) are separated from their parents in a storm while trying to flee the chaotic fields of the genocide. But soon, Aaliyah and Efren arrive in a world like no other, and it's up to them to find their way back home and to stop the chaos going waging through the mystical world as well. All the while, they encounter fascinating creatures from Arabian mythology.

Cast and Characters

Music And Soundtrack

The background score for the movie was composed by Bruno Coulais and Laurent Perez Del Mar. Additional music was also provided by Jesse Markin, Brigitte Yaghi, Hozier and Cosmo Sheldrake. The credits song "Legendary" was by Kian and Josef Salvat.

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