The Legend Goes On! is the first episode of The Heroettes (TV Series).


Ruby Johnson and Judy Johnson, two sisters, stumbles upon a 28-year-old, Darlena Crystal, who had heard of the legend of the Heroettes.



(It starts off with the pop-up storybook where it opens up to reveal the Heroettes origin story.)

  • Narrator: Long ago, a war raged out of control. Many monsters and humans were fighting against their homelands and kingdoms. Each and every one of them was nearly destroyed and nearly fell apart. The monsters almost won when they captured every single knight and guard from each different kingdoms. Just when it's the end of Roiyarumajikku (Magicaltopia), a group of damsels and princesses, after years of being damsels in distresses and waiting for princes, joined together and became the heroettes. They fought against the monsters with what they got as weapons. When the war ended, the Heroettes disbanded and vanished. No one knows how or why they did hide and where are they now. With the heroettes disappearance, everything and everyone went back to their normal ways and followed the same rules. The Heroettes were never heard from again... Until now...

(It cuts to San Francisco, Calisota, where a car is driving to drop off someone. And that someone is Judy Johnson, a 19-year-old with no degree and has to do online college, who is sitting in the back row while her father drives her to Ruby Johnson.)

  • Theodore Johnson: Judy... Your mother and I had talked and thought about your future.
  • Judy Johnson: (distracted) Okay.
  • Theodore: You're a good person, sweetheart but we just can't risk having you distracting your co-workers and ending up getting everything wrong with your ditziness. Besides, you're not kind of ready to have a house on your own, so I'm taking you to live with your sister Rubelle until you're married or mature enough, whichever comes first.
  • Judy: Okay.
  • Theodore: (sighs, and looks at Judy) Look, you're a great daughter. But you gotta make that honor worth it, m'kay?
  • Judy: Okay.
  • Theodore: Good.

(Theodore arrives at Ruby's house and walks to the door.)

  • Theodore: Alright, Ruby. Judy will be staying with you from now on! Until she's married.
  • Ruby: I told you, Dad. Why can't you keep her in your house with Andy?!
  • Theodore: As I said on the phone, that will make me a horrible father. I hope your guest room is clean enough for your younger sister, unlike last time. (Ruby sighs) Well, Judy. I'll call you later. (leaves)
  • Judy: Okay! Bye, daddy!
  • Ruby: At least, you're tolerable than Dr. Snores...

(The two sisters walk upstairs to Ruby's room and grabs the suitcases to the room)

  • Ruby: This is where you'll be sleeping.
  • Judy: (looks around) Right.
  • Ruby: I know that there's a lot to be desired...
  • Judy: No, it's okay. I'm happy I get to stay somewhere...
  • Ruby: Oh good, good, (kicked the stuff under the bed) I have everything you need, well, everything except the cute stuff.
  • Judy: ... Okay! (opens her suitcase)
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