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Sportacus: In a small city not so lazy anymore…

Stephanie: So, are you ready to exercise?

Sportacus: I’m super ready!

(Valerie bumps into Stephanie)

Stephanie: Who bump into me?

Valerie: Your father is threatening to take over LazyTown! Also, the world!

Stephanie: Impossible! But why?

(Cuts to Robbie’s Lair)

Robbie Rotten: I want you to March into LazyTown and Take over LazyTown!

Stanford: I’m glad you requested me this, because I’m getting revenge on Milford for beating me on the election!

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(Neon Lights by Demi Lovato Plays)

Harumi: Your father wants your powers to destroy all of us! You must not let Stanford take your element!

Stephanie: I know mom! Valerie kind of warned me before!

(Cuts to Stanford’s North Korean Lair)

Stanford: With the NWD, I will destroy everything on Earth! And incase you don’t know what NWD stands for, It’s Nuclear Weather Detonator!

Chloe Lang

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Magnus Scheving

Justin Theroux

Juliana Rose Mauriello

Stephanie: My father is coming!

Trixie: How can dads be bad?

Valerie: Because he is a criminal! And he’s going after Stephanie and Me!

(Stephanie and Valerie uses their powers on Ashley)

(Cuts to the Commitioner’s office)

Tokyo Commissioner: Stanford Meanswell is a Child abuser, and a threat to not only Japan, But the World! We’re gonna need your help with defeating him!

Pixel: Were going with you! We helped Sportacus a lot!

(Cuts to the Japanese streets)

Stephanie: You cannot trust my father! He’s gonna use your powers!

Ashley: Too bad!

The LazyTown Movie

Sportacus: I’m Anton Poldark!                                                    

Tokyo Commissioner: You don’t have to lie to me! Your Sportacus! I know all about you!

Rated PG

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