The Land Before Time: Hereafter is the fifteenth and final film in The Land Before Time series. Directed by Don Bluth and written by Michael Arndt, the film is a retcon sequel to the original 1988 film, ignoring (but still borrowing certain elements from) the previous sequels. Unlike the previous sequels, Hereafter is not a musical and, like the first film, has dramatic elements and emotional depth. It was produced by Universal Studios, Amblin Partners' revived Amblinmation label, and Reliance Entertainment and released by Universal Pictures. It's the first film in the series since the first to receive a theatrical release in theatres. The film is dedicated in the memory of James Horner, composer of the first film. More to come...



  • TBA as Adult Littlefoot
  • Felix Avitia as Young Littlefoot
  • TBA as Adult Cera
  • Anndi McAfee as Young Cera
  • TBA as Adult Ducky
  • Aria Curzon as Young Ducky
  • TBA as Adult Petrie 
  • Jeff Bennett as Young Petrie
  • TBA as Adult Spike 
  • Rob Paulsen as Young Spike
  • TBA as Adult Chomper
  • Isaac Brown as Young Chomper
  • TBA as Adult Ruby
  • Meghan Strange as Young Ruby
  • TBA as Adult Ali 
  • Nika Futterman as Young Ali