The LEGO Teen Titans Movie is a 2019 3D computer-animated superhero comedy film, produced by Warner Animation Group. It was directed by Chris McKay, and written by Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Jared Stern and John Whittington, and produced by Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The film will be released worldwide on July 9, 2019.


Set several months after the events of the LEGO Batman Movie, Robin (Cera) travels to Bludhaven to start his own superhero team, and meets his twin brother Speedy (Cera). Together, the brothers team up with young heroes Starfire (Irwin), Bumblebee (Gomez) and Beast Boy (McLoughlin) to save Bludhaven from a mad supervillain threatening to take over the world.



  • Titan HQ
  • Control Freak's Fortress
  • Wayne Manor
  • Titan Robot
  • Titans Tower
  • Control Space Station
  • Fortress Of Solitude
  • Bludhaven Sewers
  • Hall Of Heroes
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