The LEGO Justice League Movie is an upcoming 2019 American-Danish 3D computer-animated action-adventure superhero-comedy film produced by Roy Lee, directed by Chris Mckay and written by Jared Stren, Michelle Morgan, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Raphael Bobs-Wakesberg. It is scheduled to release in theaters on July 12, 2019.


In this irrelevant spirit of fun that is expanding and growing the Lego Cinematic Universe, the impactful team of popular heroes of that ensemble - the LEGO Justice League - teams up together on the big screen in the all-new action-packed greatest adventure ever assembled: The LEGO Justice League Movie. But villainy is brewing up all around the world, and if our heroes want to save the city from the evil forces of criminals and super-villains, the league may have put all of their egos in check, learn to team up together and maybe just maybe find some way to keep things right.


Cameo Cast



Wave 1

  • The Bat Tumbler
  • The Javelin
  • The Invisible Jet
  • Stryker's Island Break-In
  • The Batwing
  • The LexBoat
  • The LexBot
  • Batman and Robin Vs. Clayface

Wave 2

  • The Batmoblie 2.0
  • The Super Hoverpod
  • The Invisible Jet 2.0
  • The Green Jet
  • The Cosmic Treadmill
  • The Cyborg-a-Nator
  • Aquaman's Water Strider
  • Soloman Grundy Smash Attack
  • Killer Croc's Muncher

Wave 3

  • Giginta Attack
  • The Mega Bat Scutler
  • Captain Cold Freeze Attack
  • Teen Titans Party
  • Harleymobile

Minifigures Line

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