The King and I is a 1999 American animated musical film and a Japanese anime film directed by Richard Rich and written by Peter Bakalian, Jacqueline Feather, and David Seidler, loosely adapted from the Anna Leonowens story, and uses songs and some of the character names from Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II's stage musical of the same name.


In 1862 Siam, the King of Siam rules with traditional beliefs and refusal to change. With the arrival of Englishwoman Anna Leonowens and her son Louis, his Prime Minister, Kralahome, plots to have the King overthrown with deceit. At the same time, the Crown Prince Chulalongkorn falls in love with Tuptim, a servant given to the King as a gift from Burma, but their love must remain a secret as such is strictly forbidden.

Voice Cast

  • Miranda Richardson as Anna Leonowens
    • Christiane Noll as Anna's singing voice
  • Martin Vidnovic as King of Siam
  • Allen D. Hong as Prince Chulalongkorn
    • David Burnham as Chulalongkorn's singing voice
  • Armi Arabe as Tuptim
    • Tracy Venner Warren as Tuptim's singing voice
  • Ian Richardson as Kralahome
  • Darrell Hammond as Master Little
  • Adam Wylie as Louis Leonowens
  • Sean Smith as Sir Edward Ramsay
  • Frank Welker as Tusker and Moonshee
  • J.A. Fujili as First Wife
  • Ken Baker as Captain
  • Ed Trolla as Sir Edward's Captain
  • Anthony Mozdy as Burmese Emissary
  • Alexandra Lai as Princess Ying
  • Katherine Lai as Princess Naomi
  • Mark Hunt as Steward
  • B.K. Tochi as Soldier

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