The Kids of Westview High is an American teen sitcom. It aired on Hulu between September 20, 2014 and is scheduled to ended on December 14, 2019.


The series revolves around a group of students attending Westview High School in Los Angeles, from 2014 to 2019.


Students Season 1 (2014-2015)

  • Sam Brooks (Peyton Meyer)-A bubbly, fun-loving boy with a penchant for rapping, he lives with his aunt who cares for him while his parents are away working.
  • Olivia McKenzie (Brianne Tju)-A feisty, caring tomboy, she is close friends with Sam and is of mixed descent; her mother is Vietnamese and her father is Irish-American. She loves basketball and soccer.
  • Sean Blake (Quinn Lord)-Sam's best friend since kindergarten. He is nerdy, uptight and has a love of superheroes, often wearing superhero costumes to school or to bed. He lives with his strict parents.
  • Dylan Martinez (Rico Rodriguez)-A nerdy, bubbly boy with a love of science, he is of Cuban-American descent, and lives with his extended family, including his mother, father and grandmother.
  • Jessica Powers (Diamond White)-An adrenaline junkie with a heart of gold, she is of African-American descent and lives with her divorced mother, younger sister and stepfather.
  • Emma Middleton (Ariel Winter)-A tough, cynical girl with a cutting tongue. Her hard-as-nails exterior is a mask for her troubled side; it is revealed that after being abandoned by her father, her mother struggled to cope and she was taken into foster care.
  • Jake Matlin (Ty Simpkins)-With a softspoken personality and a love of reading, he lives with his overprotective mother.
  • Emma Marlowe (Bea Miller)-
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