The Kabuki Ramirez-Akiyama Movie: Wrestled in California is an upcoming American computer-animated action-adventure comedy-drama Cartoon Network movie produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures that will be released on the summer of 2027 in theaters and later on Cartoon Network.


Kabuki and the gang goes on traveling but shipwrecks onto Los Angeles, California where they meet John Cena and the wrestling crew to help save their homeland, the WWE Event, and Vance and DJ Method's concert of Dr. Fuji's evil plan. After Dr. Fuji's defeat, Bryce Norwood, known as Lunarsable as a gamer name or villain name takes Fuji's plan to become a wrestler and villain to rule Los Angeles. It's up to Kabuki, John, and everyone to save Los Angeles before it's too late.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  1. "Opening (Kabuki Ramirez-Akiyama)"
  2. "School is Out/Spring Break"
  3. "Free Time for All"
  4. "Nighttime in Junhattan"
  5. "Morning Time in Junhattan"
  6. "Ship Ride/Shipwrecked"
  7. "Stranded in Los Angeles"
  8. "Who Let the Dogs Out" - Baha Men
  9. "Greetings of the WWE Stars"
  10. "Jump" - Flo Rida ft. Nelly Furtado
  11. "Monster Attack"
  12. "Bryce Norwood's Theme"
  13. "Crime in the Museum"
  14. "Lurking in the Streets"
  15. "Walkie Talkie Man" - Steriogram
  16. "Bryce Ditches Fuji and Takes the Lead"
  17. "Kabuki vs. Moonsable/Kabuki Arrested"
  18. "Bryce Norwood's Theme 2 (Lunarsable)/Lunarsable Taking Over WWE"
  19. "Kabuki Gets Jailed Out"
  20. "WWE Finale"
  21. "Can U Do This" - Vance (Ne-Yo) and Luda-Crash (Ludacris)
  22. "Credits (Kabuki Ramirez-Akiyama Extended Version)"

Rated PG

Some scenes that are not suitable for children under.

  • TBA


After the song "Can U Do This" in the ending of the movie, the credits will put the Kabuki Akiyama Z movie in an extended version.


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