The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania is a 2017 animated direct-to-video film starring The Jetsons. It is the fourth co-production between Warner Bros. Animation, Hanna-Barbera and WWE Studios.


After a live WWE show in Denver, Colorado, Big Show is scheduled to face Sheamus for the WWE Championship inAlbuquerque on WWE SmackDown the next night, but Mr. McMahon cancels the title match due to a snowstorm. Enraged by the cancellation, Big Show storms out of the arena and flies a plane through the blizzard only to be lost in the storm when his plane stalls.

In the distant future, George Jetson is assigned by Mr. Spacely to supervise a project that involves robots drilling through the surface of the Earth. When the robots report an obstruction on their drilling path, George investigates and discovers a frozen Big Show. After George brings him home and thaws him out, Big Show discovers that he was frozen for 100 years.

The next day, Elroy brings Big Show to his school for show and tell. Here, Big Show discovers that the WWE still exists, but is now a robot wrestling promotion. He steals the robot remote controller from Mr. McMoon, the descendant of Mr. McMahon, and uses the robots to take over Orbit City.

The Jetsons escape and travel to the Albuquerque show. George interferes with the Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins match, resulting in Roman Reigns, The Usos and Alicia Fox running in to get him out of the ring. Following the ruckus, George convinces Mr. McMahon and the WWE Superstars to travel with his family back to the future to save Orbit City only to end up returning one month later with Orbit City now under Big Show's complete control. Sheamus challenges Big Show to a winner-takes-all match while George is captured and imprisoned along with the other human citizens.

As the WWE Superstars battle their robot counterparts, George has the humans band together and revolt against Big Show, parking their flying cars around him to ensure a fair fight between Sheamus and Big Show. Sheamus knocks Big Show out with a Brogue Kick. Instead of pinning Big Show, Sheamus convinces him to continue their battle.

In the aftermath of the battle, the WWE Superstars return to their time while Spacely Sprockets gets the contract to rebuild Orbit City with George once again assigned to supervise the robot workers.

After the city returns to normal, the Jetsons attend WrestleMania to watch the new human WWE Superstars enter the ring.


  • Jeff Bergman as George Jetson and Mr. Spacely
  • Grey Griffin as Jane Jetson
  • Trevor Devall as Elroy Jetson
  • Danica McKellar as Judy Jetson
  • Frank Welker as Astro the Space Mutt
  • Tress MacNeille as Rosie the Robot Maid
  • Roman Reigns as Himself
  • Big Show as Himself
  • Seth Rollins as Himself
  • Alicia Fox as Herself
  • The Usos as Themselves
  • Sheamus as Himself
  • Mr. McMahon as Himself
  • Michael Cole as Himself
  • Stardust as Himself
  • Dolph Ziggler as Himself
  • Eric Bauza as Rolf Rodriguez
  • JB Blanc as Usher Robot
  • Tania Gunadi as Gladys the Receptionist
  • Will Friedle as Mayor Mercury
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Drill Bot


  • Running Time: 82 Minutes - 78 Minutes.
  • Rated PG for mild comic violence.

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