Based on Mulan Version, Three Japanese women have super powers to save Japan from dangerous.


The Japanese Heroines

  • Carissa Yasuda The Leader with a super power of fire
  • Anika Tanaka The Rookie with a super power of earth
  • Fifi Saturna The Smartest with a super power of water

Japanese Western

  • Fuji Yasuda (Carissa’s Brother)
  • Mitchell (Fuji’s friend from Canada)
  • Samuel (Mitchell’s Brother)

Noah and Patricia Adventures

  • Noah Yasuda (Carissa’s Sister’s Son) age 7
  • Patricia Yasuda (Carissa’s Sister and Noah’s Mother)

Rimba and Juliana Adventures

  • Rimba Saturna (Fifi’s Sister’s Daughter) age 4
  • Juliana Saturna (Fifi’s Sister and Rimba’s Mother)

Gracie and the Browns

  • Gracie Tanaka (Anika’s Sister)
  • Leeya Brown (Gracie’s Childhood Friend from Johannesburg, South Africa or Australia) age 11
  • Connie Brown (Leeya’s Mother)

Magenta and the McDonalds

  • Magenta Saturna (Fifi’s Other Sister)
  • Kiley McDonald (Magenta’s Childhood Friend from Scotland) age 7
  • Anya McDonald (Kiley’s Mother)
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