The Island is an computer animated comedy adventure film. it is based off Swiss family Robinson by Johan David Wyss, but from the animals perspective


Charlie McDermott as Lucky the donkey, the main protagonist

Johnathan Groff as William Robinson

Stana Kactic as Elizabeth Robinson

Jackson Robert Scott as Nip the monkey, Lucky's best friend

Megan Mually as Laini the ostrich

Carrie Underwood as Ginger the horse, a pinto

Charlize Theron as Flora the great dane

Hannibal Buress as Dune the Great Dane

Jared S Gilmore as Fang the Jackal

Lena Dunham as Bridget the zebra

Tba as Maurice the leopard, the main antagonist

Jordan Peele as Eddie the flamingo

David Henrie as Fritz Robinson

Josh hutcherson as Ernst Robinson

Ames McNamara as Jack Robinson

Deric McCabe as Franz robinson

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