The Irresponsible Zap Brannigan
Genre Animated sitcom
Space Opera
Science fiction
Created by Matt Groening
Based on The Irresponsible
Captain Tylor

by Hitoshi Yoshioka (parody)
Developed by Matt Groening
Kelly Galuska
Voices of Billy West
Rachael Lillis
Country of
United States
Matt Groening
Kelly Galuska
20th Animation
The Curiosity

Rough Draft Korea
Distributor 20th Television
Related shows Futurama

The Irresponsible Zap Brannigan is an upcoming American animated streaming sitcom created by Matt Groening it is a spin-off of Futurama and parody of the 1997 japanese anime The Irresponsible Captain Tylor by Hitoshi Yoshioka, it will stream on Hulu but no date has been given.


Having finally been exposed by Kif as the negligent, vain, lazy and irresponsible captain that he is Zap Brannigan has been stripped of his title, however due to budget problems he assigned on to a ship slightly smaller than the DOOP as captain under the supervision of a very strait-laced, by-the-book officer who Zapp won't charm so easily. As for Kif he's been transferred to other vessel with a captain, who is a man of action.

Voice cast


Hulu ordered a Futurama spin off featuring Zap Brannigan with Groening returns as an executive producer and West as Zap Brannigan it was also confirmed that series is a parody of the 1997 anime The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Rachael Lillis has confirmed she will voice a character based on Major Yuriko Star from the anime.

The series will be animated by Rough Draft Korea.

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