350px-Triangulation Starscream Apex armor
This little song was made up by remaking the lyrics of the Iron Man theme song.

Apex Armor, Apex Armor,

Does whatever a armor can

Shoot fists from his hand

And shoot missles on order

Hey there! Here comes the Apex Armor!

Is he armor? Or a bot?

I can't tell from that tin can.

He's Starscream, in a suit,

He's got KICK! in his boots

Look out! Here comes the Apex Armor!

On a Friday night you can find him at base

with a relic found or maybe two and a clown!

Apex Armor, Apex Armor,

Not Cybertron's most friendly bot

Stolen relics, he has them,

But he loves to blow up stuff

To him,

Life's about relics and weapons

Where ever there are silver discs

You'll find the Apex Armor!!!!

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