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Cast :

Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner_vengador hulk

LivTaylor - Betty Ross_ hulka roja

William Hurt - General Thunderbolt Ross

Tim Roth - Emil Blonsky _ abominación gris

Vin Diesel - Crusher Creel/hombre absorvente

Andy Serkis - MODOK


Bruce Banner is living a live of isolation when one day Abomination attacks him into fight. They take the fight to a nearby town and cause huge devastation. S.H.I.E.L.D. turns in but Hulk escapes. S.H.I.E.L.D assigns Hawkeye,Black Widow an Agent Coulson to hunt him down while Rick Jones decides to find out Banner on his own.Already suspicious of Black Widow, Hawkeye believes her to be a double agent but has no point to prove.

It turns out a distraction planned by the Leader who with Abomination and Absorbing Man is on a dangerous experiment to turn the whole world in Gamma Powered creatures. Hulk finds out The Leader's base and fights Abomination and Absorbing Man. Till Hawkeye,Coulson and Widow arrive Leader turns on his machine after whose effect Hawkeye and Widow are turned into Gamma powered creatures. The effect of the machine reaches a nearby town turning all residents into Gamma creatures.

Hulk defeats Absorbing Man,Abomination and few other gamma Powered creatures and turns off the machine and realises the machine was just a prototype while leader escapes.

After credits Abomination and Absorbing man who are locked in the cube are rescued by Enchantress.\