Scene 1

  • [Somewhere in the woods, the mysterious man was still aware about Sprucia and Gilli exploring together.]
  • Man: TBA
  • [At Flosyce Academy]
  • [Bell Rings]
  • Wilhelmina: Class is dismissed, children. Don't forget to finish your homework and return it next week.
  • [Outside of the class]
  • Creston: TBA
  • Alexander: I just have the greatest idea since TBA.
  • Prince Arthur: TBA
  • Gilli: TBA
  • TBA

Scene 2

  • Sprucia: TBA
  • [Someone was stalking Sprucia and Gilli]
  • Gilli: TBA
  • Man: (Those girls feeling a bit legit, eh?) [follows them]
  • Sprucia: TBA
  • [TBA]
  • Gilli: Aha! [turns around] Ugh, imaginations?!
  • Sprucia: Si....
  • [They turned around quickly and caught the man.]
  • Man: TBA
  • Gilli: TBA
  • Sprucia: TBA
  • TBA

Scene 3

  • TBA
  • [At the Salvajes treefort]
  • Gilli: Who was that guy, sis?
  • Sprucia: I don't know, but we still know he's a Katroid.
  • Lidia: What is it girls?
  • Sprucia: Mama, there was this mysterious quiet guy wearing a black cloak. In fact, he is part of the Katroid race.
  • Gilli: That dude didn't introduce himself to us, like why can't we be friends?
  • Hernan: [comes by] TBA
  • Gilli: Dad, TBA.
  • Hernan: TBA
  • Sprucia: TBA
  • TBA
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