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The Human Trentipede is a 2012 American story, by southparklover2012 (aka icekid1994). This was also the last fanfiction before southparklover2012 closed his deviantart account. This focuses on the Alejandro+Courtney+Heather Love Triangle, Trent's crazy behavior, and Justin, Cody, and Gwen's struggling.

You think TDI Trent is crazier than Steve Jobs? - Alexandros Martinez, fan of South Park and Total Drama.


Cody Anderson lives a normal life as a basic Canadaian Teenager, same with Gwen and Justin. One day, a nine-obsessed scientist captured Cody, Justin, and Gwen and put them as part of a "Human Trentipede" with Justin at the front, Cody at the middle, and Gwen as the caboose.

Trent worked so hard to create this product. He sewn Justin, Cody and Gwen (from front to back) mouth to butt. Their knee ligaments are cut out. Justin was kind enough to not let Cody and Gwen eat his feces, but couldn't resist the taste of Trent's burrito from Del Salsa. Justin felt a grumble in his stomach. He told Cody to hang on, as he crapped in Cody's mouth, and then Gwen's.

The next day, Trent was much crazier than ever. He even tested it out, as if he was playing with a dog. He fed it octopus. Justin did the same by telling Cody to hold on. Justin crapped into Cody's mouth, as well as Cody crapping into Gwen's mouth.

On Courtney's side, she accuses Heather of stealing Alejandro from her. As a consolation prize, Mrs. Dawn gives Courtney the new "Human Trentipede". Courtney is amazed by it, even saying that it craps in Gwen's mouth. Courtney tested it out, saying how sweet Trent was of putting this device together for his girlfriend.

However, Harold discovered a loophole in Trent's contract, and took the Trentipede away from Courtney, angering the revenge couple in the process. Heather finally wins Alejandro when Courtney's prize is taken away.