The House of the Room Gang is an upcoming 2020 French-Danish hand-drawn animated feature drama film Directed by Fabrice Gaber. Produced by France 3 Cinema, Canal+, A. Film A/S, France Televisions, and Cine+ and it was distributed by Orion Pictures in the United States of America, StudioCanal in France, and Nordisk Film in Denmark.



Danish Version:

French Version:

English Version:

Eden Sher as Cathy

Ian James Cortlett as Brian

Bill Hader as Dad

Kerry Shale as an old man

Jimmy Hibbert as a lamp

Rupert Degas as a fan

Jessica McDonald as the shoe brothers


James Baxter Animation and July Films (United States of America)

Uli Meyer Animation (United Kingdom)

Neomis Animation and Sparx Animation Studios (France)

Lightstar Studios (Brazil)

Milimetros, Accio, SPA Animagic, and Estudio Moro (Spain)

A. Film A/S (Denmark)

A. Film (Estonia and Latvia)

Munich Animation, MotionWorks, and Tricky Lines (Germany)

Toon City Animation (Philippines)

Hong Guang Animation (China)



Warner Classics


This will be the first eden sher animated film what she curses along with other people.


The House of the Room Gang/Transcript


The House of the Room Gang/Credits

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