The Heroettes: Girl Power! is an American-Japanese-French Comedy-Adventure film based on the franchise and TV Series created by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones. It stars Adam Sandler, in his second Disney film, Jessy Hodges, Laura Bailey, Kate Micucci


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  • Darlena: Girls, I have an announcement. Remember that we only have 3 members in our team?
  • Ruby and Judy: Yeah.../Totally.
  • Darlena: So, I've decided we should have to


The Heroettes: Girl Power!/Trailer transcripts

The Heroettes: Girl Power!/Transcript






Original Songs

  • TBD

Songs heard in the film

  • Bad - Michael Jackson (At the beginning where Marcus Lang was trying to steal
  • Milk and Cookies - Melanie Martinez
  • TBD
  • TBD

Songs heard in the trailers and TV spots


  • Instruction (by Jax Jones) was supposed to be just for the trailer but due to many requests for the song, Youngberg added the song to the credits
  • This movie is based on Minions, Captain America: Civil War, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, Arrival (2016),
  • This is the debut of
  • In the mid-credits scene, Kayla walks out of the sewer after Darlena caught her and kick her into the sewers when she used a new spell to turn herself into a giant. Ducks (not the ducks from DuckTales) were laughing at her and took a picture of her
  • This movie will be about a group
  • This is the second Disney film starring Adam Sandler.

Similarities to other films and TV series/shows

  • During the scene
  • The movie has similarities to Minions.
    • The scene where Darlena, Ruby, and Judy are watching "The Dating Game" and a commercial at the TV where it announced that the convention featuring Mark Lighterstorm (Marcus Lang) is similar to the scene where Kevin, Stuart, and Bob are watching
    • The scene where Darlena tries to find a spell in her spellbook to escape her predicament and Marcus's minions and found a spell that will turn her into a giantess (it also gives her size powers an update which involves growing)
    • The scene where Ruby
    • The scene where
    • The scene where
    • The scene where
  • The scene where Darlena begins to run after the robbers when they
  • The scene where



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