The Happy Tree Friends Show is an American animated series. It is a kid-friendly spin-off to the black comedy show, Happy Tree Friends. The show airs on Cartoon Network, also, unlike the original series, the characters will speak. It will be created at Mondo Media and Warner Bros. Animation (For Latin America KidsClick Latinoamerica Original Productions).


After their home is destroyed, The tree friends start their new life in the Hazelnut City (larger version of Happy Tree Town, but not cursed).



List of The Happy Tree Friends Show episodes


  • Cro-Marmott (now living in ice world), Lifty & Shifty and Fliqpy are the only characters not to appear in the whole series.
    • The creator comifrmed that Disco Bear moved to a different city and he will make a appearence in one episode.
  • Unlike the previous series, this show is not bloody and violent, and it will share elements with LPS, Tom and Jerry, and Looney Tunes.
  • During The Season 1 This series was shown Cartoon Network and made by Warner Bros Animation when the season 1 was ended and the season 2 was premiered KidsClick was reclaimed the series to turn it into a KidsClick Original Series (But this was only in Latin America).


In Canada, the show airs on Teletoon.

In Latin America, the show airs on KidsClick.


  • USA: TV-Y7-FV
  • Latin America: A
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