"The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me" is a children's film based on the book by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake.


A boy named Billy hopes to run a candy shop. Along the way, he meets the Ladder-less Window Cleaning Company, a trio of hungry animals who wash windows. A Giraffe with an extendable neck, a Pelican with a closeable top-half of his bill, and a Monkey who does the cleaning. They receive a letter from the Duke of Hampshire who hasn't had his own windows cleaned for a long time, asking them to come and clean his windows. Along the way, they capture an armed and dangerous criminal known as "The Cobra."


  • Billy: A young boy who wants to run a candy store. He makes his dream come true after his success with his animal friends.
  • The Duke of Hampshire: The richest man in England who hasn't had his windows cleaned for fifty years. He also keeps an orchard of cherries and apples along with a plantation of tinkle-tinkle trees, walnut trees, and a whole river full of fish. He comes equipped with a cane that holds a sword and happens to be an expert on African animals. When the animals wash his windows, pick him some cherries, and capture the Cobra, the Duke becomes so impressed that he allows them to live with him and clean his windows as well as gives them all the food they need. He even helps Billy to run the candy shop.
  • The Duchess of Hampshire: The Duke's wife who was once an opera singer and cares for her jewelry which almost gets stolen by the Cobra.
  • The Cobra: A sneaky, murderous outlaw who can climb anything and wields a pistol. He gets caught stealing the Duchess' jewels by the Pelican who catches him in his enormous bill. Once the police arrive, they retrieve the Duchess' jewels and arrest the Cobra.
  • The Giraffe: An animal from the Ladder-less Window Cleaning Company. She can stretch her neck longer than any ordinary giraffe, which is why the company doesn't need a ladder. She is a Geraneous Giraffe and therefore only lives on purple and pink flowers of the tinkle-tinkle tree.
  • The Monkey: An animal who is the leader of the Ladder-less Window Cleaning Company. He does the washing and is hungry for walnuts.
  • The Pelican: An animal from the Ladder-less Window Cleaning Company. He can slide in the top-half of his bill and uses himself as a bucket to carry water for cleaning windows. He also uses his bill to carry Billy and capture the Cobra. He is hungry for fish, including his favorite: salmon.



  • This film has yet to be made
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